Sd.Kfz.251/16 Ausf.C

Dragon Kit No. 6202
1:35th Scale
First Look Review by Terry Ashley

The Vehicle:
The latest Sd.Kfz.251 kit from Dragon is here in the form of the 251/16 Ausf.C Mittler Flammpanzerwagen which was a basic SPW vehicle fitted out with two 1.4cm flame projectors on either side of the fighting compartment with two fuel tanks mounted inside the rear compartment with 700 litres of fuel and the associated pumping equipment and fuel lines to the projectors. The crew were issued flame proof overalls for when using the weapons and the forward MG mounting and shield was retained for self defence

The Kit:
The kit as you would expect has many parts from the previous 251 kits (#6187 Ausf.C, #6206 Ausf.C Command, #6224 Ausf.C 3 in1 and updated parts from #6248 251/22 Ausf.D, as well as the rivetted hull from kit #6246 along with additional parts for the Flammpanzerwagen for another good box full.

Dragon have continued to update the detail on parts from previous kits and while I applaud this it does as I have mentioned before create the situation where you don’t really know what you are getting when buying a kit, but lets not labour the point as it probably like flogging dead 251.

The kit consists of approximately 495 parts in the usual light grey plastic, 16 clear parts for the visors, 19 parts in soft DS100 vinyl for the figures, plus three small etched frets and self adhesive stickers for the rear view mirrors and instrument dials as well as two lengths of braided twine for the fuel lines and three decal sheets and of course the instruction sheet.


I have covered in detail the basic parts in previous reviews so I’ll just concentrate on the updated and new parts in this kit to save duplication, starting with the alterations to parts on the existing sprues.

Sprue A:
The fenders have been reworked to include the bolt head detail that they should have and this does improve the appearance over the bare fenders from previous kits.
Also included are etched hull flanges that fit against the underside hull/fender join as was included on the recent AFV Club 251/1 Ausf.C and it appears that this fret will find its way into previous 251 kits as they are produced.

Sprue B:
This is same as previous kits but the bench seats and visors are not used for this kit.

Sprue C:
Again this is the same as previous kits but of course the water tank is not used and the towing pintle has been replaced with a new part we’ll get to shortly.

Sprue D:
This is again the same with a number of parts not used in this kit.

Sprue E:
The road wheels and drive sprockets have again been updated with the outer road wheels having subtle spot welds (these were also on the wheels in the recent 251/22 kit but you have to look closely) but still lack the rounded contours on the lightening holes as on the AFV Club wheels and the inner road wheels have embossing added to the rubber section as do the drive sprockets but the drive teeth are still not offset or include the rollers as the AFV Club sprockets do. As I have said previously the drive tooth offset is only very minor on these wheels but it is there and with all the other improvements it would have been nice to see this as well.
The individual link track on this sprue is the only option but is perfectly adequate for very nice looking tracks when assembled.

Sprue H:
This is the rivetted hull parts from kit #6246 and is included without modification and you simply substitute these parts for the welded hull parts on Sprues A and B for this version as well as adding the etched hull/fender flanges.

New Sprue K:
This sprue provides the fuel pump, fuel tanks and associated fixed piping with the detail being very fine and crisp with quite a few very small parts with none having any pin marks due to the use of the moulding ‘nodes’ that ensure complete moulding and act as knock out pins and the resulting pump assembly has a very busy feel to it and looks quite complete.

New Sprue L x 2:
Includes additional smaller parts for the pump as well as the two fuel projectors with alternate projectors and shields from plastic or etched metal depending on your choice? The two additional rear crew seats are also provided as is the racks on the outside of the rear doors for storing the demountable flame projector with additional etched parts for the mounting brackets.

New Sprue T:
This small sprue has new front crew seats with updated details and has the option of using the seats with rear spring detail moulded on or bare seats with etched springs for greater detail definition. The new towing pintle is included which has been produced using the slide mould technology and results in the pintle being moulded in one part but still with the same level of detail as the previous multi-part assembly but without the join seam.

Two flame operator figures and a driver figure are included moulded in the soft DS100 vinyl that allows for very well defined detail such as fabric seams, lapels and general details with alternate heads wearing field caps or flame proof hoods. The only issue with the material is the small moulding seam is harder to remove than on hard plastic but the details are much better defined so it’s a bit of a trade-off and the figures also glue together using normal plastic cement.

Overall details:
As with the recent kits there is the clear parts for the four hull visors that can be positioned open or closed and the side storage boxes with separate doors as well as the pioneer tools that like those of any kit would benefit from etched tool clips.
The instrument dials are included on the decal sheet as well as provided as self adhesive stickers depending on your choice but the stickers seem the way to go as they are simple to apply and have good printed details. The formed brass fender width indicators are again included to add a nice touch while the MG mounting bracket has the upward bend with the plastic shield that while a little thick has the edges bevelled for a better scale appearance.

While a number of the details have been updated a few issues still linger such as the lack of hull overhang on the welded hull, the undersized central floor hump and basic driver’s controls and the instrument bulkhead lacking the outward angle on the left side but these may well be addressed in future releases, that’s if anyone is actually bothered with these details given the amount of parts and options in the kits?

The Tracks:
These are the same as with the previous 251/1 kits and sssembly was straightforward with the now standard method for this type track with each shoe fitting together and being held in place by the pad stuck on top, but watch the orientation of the three pins on the back of the pad as they only fit one way around.


The large sheet with generic vehicle numbers has had additional items added specifically for the /16 and the additional instrument dials. The generic licence plate sheet is also included along with the unit insignia sheet from kit #6233.

The instructions have illustrations for three vehicles but no specific units are indicated and include the box top illustrated vehicle and two others and consulting references will be the best for determining your markings.


Another very well detailed kit with heaps of options and the internal flame pump and associated fuel tanks and plumbing are very well done plus the inclusion of the alternate projectors and flame operators makes for a very busy interior. The inclusion of the two complete hulls adds further to the appeal and should build into an attractive model.

As mentioned it’s good to see Dragon updating and adding additional details and these 251 kits do offer good value for money with still more to come in the 251 program.


The Sprues:

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Common Parts with updates

New Parts
Detail images
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