Sd.Kfz. 251/1 Ausf. C
Rivetted Version

Dragon Kit No. 6246
1:35th Scale
First Look Review by Terry Ashley

The Vehicle:
This kit represents the riveted version of the 251/1 Ausf.C which was produced along side the welded version up until the introduction of the simplified all welded Ausf.D in late 1943 but is less common in photo coverage. This version is the same as that released by Tamiya back in 1973 and a quick comparison really does show not only the advances in kit production in that time but also the greater level of detail in this kit.

The kit:
The kit is basically the same as the first Dragon Sd.Kfz.251 Ausf.C (Kit #6187) with the inclusion of a new sprue H with the riveted hull parts, a new etched fret with parts for the vision ports plus the figures from Set #6058 German Panzerjägers (Eastern Front 1944) as well as a bonus set of soft vinyl uniforms.

Sprue A is modified with the deletion of the welded hull top while the other welded hull parts still included on sprue A, B and C are obviously not used with this kit.

All my comments from the first review of the Sd.Kfz.251/1 Ausf.C apply here so I will just cover the new parts in this kit.

These are moulded in the same light grey plastic to the same high level of details especially in the rendering of the rivets with the front plate also having the correct curved lower profile and the rivets included on the separate armoured exhaust covers.

Another added feature is the inclusion of the etched fret that has many detailed parts for the driver’s and co-driver’s vision blocks which after modifying the original plastic vision blocks (parts B35) and replacing the inner parts (A20, A21) with the etched parts plus small lengths of plastic rod (not included) will allow you to assemble working vision blocks if enough care is taken and are really quite impressive, reminding you of some working features of ABER detail sets.

The figures for the kit as mentioned are from the German Panzerjägers (Eastern Front 1944) set #6058 plus the small weapons sprue with Kar98 rifles from set #6024 and in soft vinyl are two tunics, one folded and one for hanging on a peg as well as a pair of boots to add animation to diorama settings. Also included is the driver figure from the 251/6 kit to use if you wish?

It is rumoured this driver figure is in sift vinyl to allow easy positioning inside the vehcile but while the plastic (or vinyl) used for this driver figure is slightly softer than the plastic in the rest of the kit and the sprues the figure parts are on do bend easier than normal plastic sprues and is easier to cut, the figure itself is not flexible. The 'vinyl' used on the driver figure is nowhere as soft as that used in the separate items of clothing also included in these kits.

Dragon Dragon

I have used considerable force trying to bend the full body moulding to no avail and the parts glue together with normal tube or liquid plastic cement but the uniform details are very basic compared to other Dragon figures or even older Tamiya kit figures.

So the end result is the driver figure will not "bend" to fit into the driver's seat after kit assembly and will have to be included during construction just like a normal ‘hard’ plastic figure.

The Tracks:
These are the same as with the 251/1 kit and sssembly was straightforward with the now standard method for this type track with each shoe fitting together and being held in place by the pad stuck on top, but watch the orientation of the three pins on the back of the pad as they only fit one way around.

Dragon Dragon

The instructions:
These are of the traditional line drawing exploded view type as with the first 251 kit with easy to follow construction sequences but as with any kit careful study of the instructions before gluing is advisable.

Two sheets are included, one the generic vehicle number plate sheet from the 251/6 kit #6206 and another with divisional markings for Panzer Divisions 1 through 14 plus a variety of national insignia and stencil data to allow an almost limitless choice of markings.

Dragon Dragon
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Bonus Vinyl uniforms

Another nicely detailed 251 kit to add to the growing list with the inclusion of the detailed vision blocks a nice bonus in standard kit form as well as the addition figures for almost a diorama in a box.
With the additional 251/1 Ausf.A coming from Dragon it will be interesting to see what little extra gem they throw in with that kit.

The Sprues:

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Common Parts

New Parts

Detail images
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SdKfz251 in action
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Thanks again to the guys at Rainbow Ten for their excellent service.

Page created 23 August 2004

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