Maybach HL 42 TRKM Engine
from Sd.Kfz.10/5 fur 2cm FlaK 38
DML 1:35 Scale Smart Kit No. 6676
by Terry Ashley
Maybach HL 42 TRKM Engine:
I have posted this as a sub-section to the full review as it became apparent while examining the kit that the Maybach HL 42 TRKM engine included is very basic indeed and doesn’t actually represent the HL 42 TRKM engine of the Sd.Kfz.10/250 series very well at all with a fair bit of work needed for an accurate HL 42 TRKM engine should you want to display the engine hoods open?

This mini-review with describe the issues with the kit engine and show how to correct these if you wish, but if you plan to build the engine compartment closed then you can skip this as only the rear clutch housing is exposed inside the driver’s compartment after assembly, it’s up to you, I simply present the information for the modeller to take or leave as they see fit.

I have modified the DML kit engine with some scratched parts and others from the Great Wall Hobby HL 42 TRKM engine (kit #L3517) and the SKP Maybach HL 42 engine set for the Sd.Kfz.250 (Set #SKP 057) to show how the engine should look if you wish to build a more accurate engine for the kit? As mentioned above if you don’t plan on displaying the engine then just ignore the above and move on, no need to hurt your head any further.

The overall dimensions of the engine block match available data and the top Valve Cover has the correct configuration with the two small star knobs but from there is all downhill. The lower Oil Pan cover (part B59) only covers 2/3rds the engine length in the kit and should actually be basically flush with the bottom of the block and not extended down as depicted.

The kit engine block has indents for the manifolds when the manifolds should actually sit flush with the angled top section of the engine block. The lower side contours of the engine block has the curve too sharp and extends too far up the block on the left side, also there is a structural extension missing on the left side which gives the completely wrong engine profile when viewed from behind.

Added to this the angled top section on the right side is too shallow and doesn’t angle out enough as it should and there is a side strip with two star knobs missing altogether. These structural changes to the engine block require a bit of work should you want to undertake this for a more accurate engine?

Moving on, the Alternator/Water Pump, Oil Cooler/Oil Filter and Starter Motor on the left side of the engine are moulded with the engine block resulting in a distinct lack of definition; they are also located too high on the engine as a consequence of the incorrect engine side curve profile and relocating these lower on the engine block will basically require you to cut these off and replace with scratched or scavenged items.

On the right side the Magneto and Fuel Pump are missing altogether as is the large triangular shaped Oil Tank that should fill the large blank space on the kit engine. The Intake Manifold/Carburettor and large Air Cleaner are moulded in one large chunky part and lack any real definition.

The left side of the engine block before removing the moulded on items and after with the resulting holes filled with plastic card.
Also the contours (1) have been revised and additional structural detail added (2) as per text.
Images of Great Wall Hobby HL 42 TRKM engine block from their set #L3522 for comparison illustrating the lack of detail on the DML engine block.

DragonGreat Wall
The right side of the engine block again with the revised contours (1) and additional structural detail added (2) as per text.
DragonGreat Wall

The front fan belts and pullies are moulded separately and quite fiddley to assembly but then you don’t get the fan anyway and the lower pulley (part B58) is too small and should be about the same diameter as the engine block width. The left pulley (part B46) is too high and should be moved downwards to mate with the relocated Alternator as above.

The Air Compressor (parts B57, B56, B55, B47) mounted forward on the right side which joins with pulley (part B45) is rarely fitted on the HL 42 TRKM engine as it is with the HL 42 TRKMS engine of the Sd.Kfz.11/251 series. Eliminating the Air Compressor means you have to eliminate the pulley (part B45) and re-route the fan belts.

After all this the Fan itself is conspicuous by its absence and you will need the scratch this or steal a fan from elsewhere. Also missing are the Heating Tube and Discharge Pipe that fit between the Intake and Exhaust Manifolds.  

In short if you want an accurate HL 42 TRKM engine there is considerable work needed and it will take a lot more than adding a bit of plumbing to bring this up to scratch.

Kit engine built OOB showing the basic detail and lack of definition due to the engine accessories moulded onto the engine block.
The revised and detailed engine with the addition of scratched parts (white plastic) and parts from the
Great Wall Hobby HL 42 TRKM engine (beige plastic and etched)

Key: 1.Carburettor 2.Magneto 3.Fuel pump 4.Oil tank 5.Alternator 6.Water pump 7.Oil Cooler
8.Oil Filter 9.Starter 10.Clutch housing 11.Heating tube 12.Discharge pipe 13.Valve cover 14.Air cleaner 15.Oil pan.
Modified Carburettor and air cleaner assembly

The assembled engine fits into the engine bay with the clutch housing protruding through the large round firewall opening into the crew compartment and mates directly to the transmission and gear box.  On the actual vehicle the gap between the clutch housing and the firewall cut-out is sealed with a canvas cover but this is not included in the kit.

Apart from the engine and radiator the engine bay is missing the radiator connecting pipes, steering rod and steering box, the actual exhaust pipe from the exhaust manifold to the muffler as well as the brake fluid container and horn plus a myriad of wiring on the firewall which all leaves plenty of scope to add this detail as well as reworking the engine should you want to show the engine hoods open.

Modified engine fitted into the kit engine bay with additional items (steering rod and box, exhaust pipe and horn) from the
SKP Maybach HL 42 engine set for the Sd.Kfz.250 (blue resin)

Image of the actual Maybach HL 42 TRKM Engine from the Wings & Wheels Publications
Sd.Kfz.10 Demag in detail book listed below. Note various fans were used with 4, 5 or 6 blades)


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Wings & Wheels Publications R 057
ISBN 978-80-86416-92-2
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