US Army
Operation Iraqi Freedom
M1A1HA (Heavy Common) Abrams (part 4)

1:35 Decal Sheet No. T35016
Review by Terry Ashley

Larry from Echelon Fine Details continues the OIF M1A1HA Abrams series with this fourth sheet which differs from the previous sheets that dealt with individual units by containing markings from 4 different armor units/regiments, 3-7 Cavalry, 1-37 Armor, 2-69 Armor and 2-70 Armor.

The decal sheet is again printed by Microscale for excellent quality with clear well printed markings, good colour register and very thin carrier film cropped close to the edge of the printed image to ensure good adhesion using any decal setting solution.

The sheet has full markings for seven vehicles which include the unit chevron markings, vehicle registration numbers plus the individual names applied to the barrel fume extractor and barrels on most vehicles. Also included is a good selection of stencilling including warning labels for the External Auxiliary Power Unit (EAPU), Shipping labels and warning labels for the CIP panels as well as additional barrel inspection date stencilling and a selection of generic registration stencils to make any number of vehicles. As a bonus there is also the vehicle name MY PRECIOUS for an OIF Panther II Mine Clearing Vehicle to use with the Dragon or Trumpeter kits for another very complete and comprehensive sheet.

The full colour instruction sheet is a feature of Echelon decals and include two view illustrations of all seven vehicles as well as generic markings illustrations to clearly show the decal placement as well as giving additional information where needed and showing some of the unique external fittings on the OIF vehicles.

The vehicles included on the sheet are:


Another very complete well researched decal sheet with the different unit markings offering a good choice of camouflage as well as vehicle markings that keeps up the high standard of Echelon decals

Highly recommended

Thanks to Larry of Echelon Fine Details for the review sample.

Page created 30 August 2005

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