Operation Iraqi Freedom
Operation Enduring Freedom
(Part 1)
Echelon Fine Details Decal Sheet No. T35022
Review by Terry Ashley

This latest decal sheet from Echelon Fine Details returns to the OIF/OEF theme with markings for up-armoured HUMVEEs currently serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The sheet contains complete markings for 6 HUMVEEs from a selection of 14 vehicles shown on the instruction sheet plus a good selection of generic markings to use on any model you may wish to make.

The decal sheet is again printed by Microscale and is of excellent quality with clear well printed markings with good colour register and very thin carrier film that is cropped close to the edge of the printed image that should react well with any decal setting solution.

The 14 vehicle markings include the unit insignia, vehicle registration numbers plus the individual names and personal artwork applied around the vehicles and go to give them a bit of character compared to standard HUMVEEs. Also included is a good selection of stenciling with different styles included to use on different coloured paintwork as well as solid and stenciled designs.
Examples of this is the tyre pressure markings provided in three designs as well as in black and green markings.


The Sling and Tie Down markings are in four styles again with solid and stencil type markings in black and green to cover just about any application required. There are also shipping and GCE Labels, Flammable warnings stickers and additional data blocks to use as required.


The full colour instruction sheet is a feature of Echelon decals and include illustrations and photos of the real vehicles for all 14 vehicles to clearly show the decal placement as well as giving good information of the painting schemes carried on these HUMVEEs.
The HUMVEEs serving in Afghanistan carry a unique scheme of Black and Blue pattern over the Sand finish and the Iraqi Army vehicle has a Dark and Light Green scheme over the Sand finish but no information is given on the colours to be used for these schemes.

The 14 vehicles included on the sheet are:


The obvious choice of kit for these decals would be either of the recent Tamiya HUMVVEEs (kits #35263, #35267) with the MIG Productions M1114 conversion (set #MP35-254) with the Pro Art Models SINCGARS Radio Sets (Set #PAU-35020) and any of the available Aggressive pattern wheels such as those from Blast Models (set #BL35027K) or MIG Productions (Set #MP35-255).

Another very comprehensive decal sheet with a good choice of quite colourful and interestingly marked HUMMVEEs with the large varied selection of stencil data allowing these to be used for virtually any cam scheme.

Highly recommended

Thanks to Larry of Echelon Fine Details for the review sample.

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