Jagdpanzer 38
Hetzer early

Eduard 1:35th Scale Kit No.3711

Images of the only suriving part of “Chwat” aquired by the Polish Army Museum, the road wheel clearly
shows the pattern of Dark Green with Brown outline over Dark Yellow is the correct scheme.
Inside and outside view also shows the bolt head pattern, note the rim lip between the wheel and
rubber sections and the distance between the lip and outer bolt rings, both not correct on the Eduard wheels.
Wheel images kindly provided by Marek Jaszczolt
The Eduard Road Wheels with incorrect bolt pattern and severe sink marks in hub.
The resin wheels from The Armory by Gauntlett set #AG116 with the correct
bolt pattern and other details
The Armory by Gauntlett
Just for reference, these are images of the Fort Duquesne Wheels, Idlers and Drive Sprockets
which unfortunately are no longer available.
Fort Duquesne
Fort DuquesneFort Duquesne

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