Eureka XXL
Towing cable for
PzKpfw VI Tiger I

Eureka XXL Set #ER-3502
1:35th Scale
Review by Terry Ashley

Eureka XXL from Poland have released a number of tow cables consisting of braided copper wire and resin end shackles with this set being for any Tiger I kit.

The set consists of three lengths of braided wire and six resin parts for the end shackles with the two larger gauge cables carried on the hull top and the smaller cable for the hull side. The resin is cleanly cast with just some minor resin film to be removed from inside the end section and the smallest of casting scars to be cleaned up once removed from the casting block. The detail definition on the shackles and wire tow cables is very realistic and the cables are quite soft allowing easy bends to be incorporated.

The shackles have small holes in the end to accept the wire cable and I found it best to lightly file the end of the cable to a rounded profile to allow the cable to be inserted as it tended to ‘catch' the outside of the shackle hole otherwise. This is very easy to do due to the soft nature of the cables and a small dab of cyanoacrylate will secure the cable in the end shackle and you are ready to go. Adding the cables to the kit using any of the available etched sets for the securing clips will add further detail to the final kit.

A simple update set to replace any kit tow cables for better detail definition and the soft metal cables allows easy and natural bends to be incorporated.

Highly recommended

Eureka XXL
Eureka XXL

Thanks to Eureka XXL for the review set, see the Eureka XXL website for full details of available sets

Page created September 27, 2005

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