IJA Type 94 6-Wheeled Truck "Hard Top"
Finemolds 1:35 Scale Kit No. FM30
IJA Type 94 6-Wheeled Truck "Soft Top"
Finemolds 1:35 Scale Kit No. FM31

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Introduced in 1934, the Type 94 6-Wheeled Truck was produced in the largest numbers of all the Japanese WWII trucks and used widely until the war ended.
It was reliable and had a good performance unlike earlier Japanese trucks which were poorly made and unreliable.

As well as the standard truck versions there was also the Type 94 Ambulance using the same chassis as the Truck that could carry 15 patients or 4 stretchers.

The kit:
Finemolds have released two kits of the Type 94 simultaneously with kit #FM30 IJA Type 94 6-Wheeled Truck "Hard Top" and #FM31 IJA Type 94 6-Wheeled Truck "Soft Top". Both kits are the same apart from the cab and the boxart as you would expect.

The kit are moulded in light beige plastic, 6 clear parts and a small decal sheet, this sheet is the same in both kits providing markings for 2 Trucks. Kit FM30 "Hard Top" has 117 beige and 6 clear parts and kit FM31 has 127 beige and 6 plastic parts, plus of course a 12 page booklet style instruction sheet.

Standard of moulding is good overall with the now usual plastic nodes that reduce the pin marks plus the odd shallow sink mark and some fine flash and the usual moulding seams but overall the parts are well moulded.

Key features of the kit are the tyres moulded in the same beige plastic as the rest of the kit, the different cabs with both having the doors moulded closed and the only interior being rudimentary driver's controls of gear levers and foot pedals. Exterior detail is nicely done with fine bolt/rivet details on the rear cargo tray, the radiator grill is well defined and separate small parts such as door handles and windscreen wipers.

Decal sheet, same for both kits

The Sprues:

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