M5A1/M8 Solid Road wheels
Idlers & Drive Sprockets

1:35 #F037

Review by Terry Ashley
This set of resin wheels has the road wheels and drive sprockets from the recent M5A1 Conversion Set (#F036) plus the inclusion of two idler wheels to allow these excellent wheels to be used on any later M5A1 or characteristically the M8 HMC.

The set has the eight road wheels, the two drive sprockets in two parts each and two idler wheels which are cast in the usual light cream resin without any blemishes and only the usual casting blocks and some minor resin film to be removed from around the drive sprockets before use.

The solid stamped road wheels have detail on both sides as well as the grease nipples and small bolts around the inner rim while the drive sprockets have excellent details and after the minimal cleanup fit together very well.

The wheels can be used on the AFV Club M3A3, Tamiya M5A1 or M8 kits and simply require drilling out the axle hole to the required diameter for the target kit bogie axles and idler wheel mount and then slipped into place.

There is a slight scar after the removal of the casting block but a bit of light sanding will remove this providing you take care when removing the block so as not to remove too much resin.

See the construction article on the M5A1 conversion for construction details fitting the wheels to the AFV Club bogies.

Highly Recommended.

Resin parts


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Check the Formations website for details of other update sets available and thanks to Rob for the review sample.

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