Griffon Model
Radiator Housing for Sd.Kfz.7 Series
Griffon Model 1:35th Scale Set No. L35A052

Review by Terry Ashley


This small update set from Griffon Models provides a replacement radiator housing with etched louvers designed for any of the DML Sd.Kfz.7 8ton half-track series of vehicles so far released as well as future kits.

This set is also included in the larger Griffon Models updates sets for the Sd.Kfz.7/1 2cm Flakvierling38 (sets #BPL35009 Premium Edition and set #S-BPL35003 Royal Edition).

The Set:

The set consists of a single resin casting for the radiator housing plus two etched frets for the radiator, the housing louvers and the manufacturers name badge for the radiator housing.

Etched and resin parts.
Griffon ModelGriffon Model

The radiator housing casting is well done with the two delicate ribs but there is some fine resin residue to be cleaned off most of the inner housing and rib edges, this needs a little care not to damage the parts.

Detail on the housing is nicely done and has the top edge smooth without the small kinks of the kit radiator which is correct for the KraussMaffei produced vehicles, there are also very small rivet heads added the lower rib brackets to add more detail definition.

The set gives you an embossed etched KraussMaffei badge to add to the radiator as well as a two part Borgward badge. References indicate the Borgward produced radiators had the small kinks included on the kit radiator so this badge could be used to upgrade the kit radiator for a Borgward produced vehicle.

The actual radiator is made up of four etched parts, two parts for the frame plus the front and back radiator screens, these have very small perforations which can be seen through if held to the light but this effect will be lost once fitted to the kit.

Assembling of the major frame (part F3) will require the use of a quality etched bending tool and soldering would be the best option due to the small join areas. Once the frame is completed the two screens are slipped inside the frame but I had to file these down in width a little to better fit.

The final step is to attach the separate end strip (part F8) and this will need care as there are no precise locating points and again soldering would be the best option for assembly.

The assembled radiator is then attached to the rear of the kit inner radiator housing (part D22) ready to attached to the resin radiator housing later.

Assembled radiator
Griffon Model

Adding the etched louvers to the resin housing can be done in two ways. The easiest is to trim off the small top pin on one each louver slat and just glue into position open or closed. The second requires a little more work if you want the louvers to be movable after assembly.

But first you have to add the top and bottom louver frames (parts F1, F2) and these need to be bent to form an L shape, but not the bend should go with part of the louver locating holes on each leg of the L. this requires careful bending with a good quality etched bending tool.

There are 3 groups of 5 holes on the frames and when fitting to the inside of the resin radiator housing the first hole of each group should be as close as possible to the right edge and the two uprights in the housing, not positioned centrally.

Fitting the louver slats the easy way is to cut off the top slat locating pin, insert the bottom pin into the frame and glue into position, test fit the louver first to make sure it’s the right angle.

The second method requires you to insert the bottom louver pin and then clip the top pin into the corresponding top locating hole. This is easy for the first 2 louvers of each group but gets progressively harder as there is less room to manoeuvre the slat into position.

I had to bend to a curve the last 2 louvers to fit between the frames and straighten once in place and obviously care is needed when doing this. The end result though is the louvers are all movable and you can position them open or close at will. 

The fully assembled radiator and louvers fits directly to the lower chassis/fender part in the DML kits replacing the kit radiator with the side panels etc. added as per the kit instructions.

Radiator louver assembly.
Griffon ModelGriffon Model
Assembled radiator housing added to the kit
Griffon Model


This is a very nicely detailed update set for the DML Sd.Kfz.7 series of kits with good clean resin casting that corrects the minor issue with kit KraussMaffei radiator housing. The etched louvers either glued into position or workable are a considerable improvement over the solid louvers on the kit radiators.

The degree of difficulty in assembly depends if you just want the louvers fixed or movable, the choice is yours.

Overall an excellent update set.

Highly recommended.

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