Griffon Model
WWII German KwMG34 Barrel
(Late type)

Griffon Model Set No. LB35010
1:35th Scale

Review by Terry Ashley

The Set:
Griffon Model produce this replacement metal barrel for the late armoured sleeve MG34 Machine gun used with any applicable German vehicle such as the later Panzer IV series, Tiger I/II/Jagdtiger and Panther/Jagdpanther.

The set consists of a finely turned brass outer armoured barrel jacket with the thin muzzle flash suppressor cone which is hollowed out with finely engraved cooling slits and screws depicted by small indentations.

Single piece Metal Barrel
Griffon Model

The notable feature of the barrel is the extremely thin flash suppressor cone which looks most convincing but care is needed as it is easy to deform the cone with it being so thin. This also has the muzzle hex attachment brackets well done as well as the contours in the sleeve. A long attachment pin is included with the barrel and this can be cut down shorter depending on requirements but being long to start with will cover most applications.

To fit the barrel is quite simple, when adding to the full MG34 receiver such as those that come with the majority of CyberHobby/Dragon Tiger and Panther kits you simply cut off the kit barrel taking care to leave the small guide pin underneath for fitting of the kit mounting parts later. You then drill a 0.75mm hole in the receiver and insert the barrel pin, all very easy.

Barrel fitted to the Cyberhobby/Dragon MG34 from most recent Panther and Tiger kits
Note very thin flash suppressor cone

Griffon Model

Fitting the barrel to any kit which has the MG ball moulded in place such as the AFV Club/Tamiya Tiger kits or the new Tamiya Jagdtiger kit you need to drill a 1.2mm hole through the ball mounting, there is usually already a locating hole for the kit MG barrel so this just needs to be drilled all the way through the ball mounting.

You then just insert the barrel jacket into the ball mounting leaving the appropriate length exposed, using the kit barrel as a guide for this will work in most instances.

Barrel fitted to the new Tamiya Jagdtiger kit and Dragon Tiger kit
Griffon Model
Griffon Model

This is a well done late MG34 tank barrel with the contours of the armoured sleeve and especially the thin flash suppressor cone being the standout features. The indentations for the cooling slits lack a little definition but will still look good when fitted and offers a marked improvement over the plastic kit barrels.

Highly recommended

Thanks to Griffon Model for the review set.

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