Gum Ka
Individual Track Link Set
No. GL-02

1:35 Scale
Review by Terry Ashley

The second track set from Gum Ka is for any of the Crusader I, II, III kits from Italeri and the reboxings from Revell.

The links are not designed to be workable and are moulded in a hard dark brown plastic with four links to a sprue with enough links for one set of tracks and a few spares.

The detail on the links is very good and crisp without any pin marks to be removed with the only cleanup needed is the small bur after removing the links from the sprue which is easily dealt with and assembly is equally straightforward with just a small dab of glue on each link which then fits neatly into the next to form the track runs.

By using slow drying liquid cement you will have enough time to assemble a short run and then form this around the drive sprocket or idler wheel before drying but minor modifications are required to the drive sprocket to fit the track.

The width of the kit drive sprockets has to be increased by .05mm as they are slightly too narrow and this is easily done by making a card disk to fit over the centre hub and axle and after this the tracks fit perfectly.

Gum KaGum KaGum Ka

A simple track set that while not workable has considerable better details than the Crusader kit track and the negligible cleanup and easy assembly will reduce the time needed to fit the tracks and you will be able to get a natural sag easily if full workable tracks are not your thing.


Individual Sprues and track links
Gum KaGum Ka
Italeri track (top) and Gum Ka (bottom)
Gum Ka

Gum Ka detail sets are available via the excellent service from Rainbow Ten.

Page Created 6 March 2005

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