Austin Tilly - HD
Hussar Productions 1:35 Scale Set #35098
Review by Terry Ashley

SKP ModelTamiya
These replacement resin wheels from Hussar Productions is a set of Heavy Duty pattern tyres and rims that are designed specifically for the Tamiya Austin 10hp British light Utility “Tilly” (kit #35308) but can also be used with the SKP Model (kit #SKP009) if you wish?

The set consists of five parts, the four main wheels and one spare cast in a light grey resin with a very small casting plug to be removed from each wheel. There is some fine resin film in the rim holes that will need care in removing so as not to enlarge the hole in the process as the edges are quite thin. A couple of the rims had quite substantial air holes that would need to be filled but other than that and the resin film the casting is well done.

Resin wheels in the kit.
Wheels before and after cleanup

Dimensionally the wheels match the 1:35 plans in the Capricorn Tilly book in both diameter and tread width with detail on the chunky tyre tread well done with crisp details although there is no sidewall embossing included. The rim details and contours are also nicely done and include the fine valve stem on the rims, note there are different hubs for the front and rear wheels and the spare of course.

The kit hub caps can be fitted to the resin wheels if required but you may have to trim a small amount off the inside of the plastic caps for a better fit, test fitting will determine what is required?

Fitting the wheels to the Tamiya kit is very straightforward with the kit inner brake drums fitting neatly to the resin wheels which are then attached to the kit axles without any other modifications required. The spare is just a straight replacement for the kit spare on the roof without any alterations required.

Images of the rear brake drum mounting and the wheels fitted to the Tamiya kit.
Views of the spare wheel added to the roof.

Using the wheels on the SKP kit you will need to trim off the inner axle stub from the resin wheels and butt joining to the kit brake drums, a bit of test fitting will be needed to get the right wheel track with the Hussar resin wheels giving an improvement in detail over the kit wheels.

These are a nicely detailed set of replacement wheels for the Tamiya (or SKP) Tilly with good rim and tyre detail with the heavy duty tread pattern particularly well done. There is a bit of care needed for the cleanup of the rim holes and the odd air hole to contend with which will obviously vary between wheels.

Overall the HD wheels will give a very distinctive appearance to the Tamiya kit with very little work involved and will also improve the appearance of the SKP kit with a bit more work.

Rating 8.5/10

Austin 10hp Light Utility
Army Wheels in Detail #7
Capricorn Publications
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