Sd.Anhänger 51
Italeri Kit No. 6450
1:35th Scale
First Look Review by Terry Ashley

This new accessory kit from Italeri provides two complete Sd.Anhänger 51 ammo trailers as often seen behind the Flakpanzer 1A and Sd.Kfz.10/4 as well as other vehicles.

The set is not actually new but includes the lower frame and wheels from their 20mm FlaK38 mit Sd.Ah.51 Trailer (Kit #377) and the upper ammo box and equipment from the Sd.Kfz.10/4 with Flak 30 (Kit #6395) with as mentioned two complete trailers in the set.

The trailer uses the same lower U frame from the 20mm gun with wheel fenders included and the front hitch parts and other smaller fittings as well as the large storage box added. The frame has basic details and the mould seam line could be left to simulate the weld line or you can remove this as you wish? The separate wheels have the valve hole is also in the wrong place being too far towards the centre of the rim and the tread pattern is not that well defined but should look okay as an accessory.

The ammo box has separate sides and top with an inside filler part with the tops of 20mm ammo boxes if you wish to show the box with the top open? The tools on the end of the box are a little on the heavy side with basic retaining clips that would look better replaced with etched items.

The box can be shown open or closed and you have to open up different locating holes for the support arms depending on the configuration so make the choice early.

Also included are three Kar98 rifles, three gas mask containers and three steel helmets to use as decoration but there are no markings or stencilling for the trailer.

This little accessory set with the two trailers provides good value to use as diorama fillers or to hitch up behind a vehicle for a different appearance.

While not new the details are adequate and will come up well with careful painting and should be useful for those wanting a trailer without having to buy a full kit to get one.


Sprues x 2

Thanks to Italeri for the review kit.

Page Created March 19, 2006

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