Carro Armato P 40
Italeri Kit No. 6476
1:35th Scale
Kit Preview

The Carro Armato P 26/40 was the final Italian tank design of WWII with only a handful produced before the end of the war with most used by the German Wahrmacht after the Italian armistice.

It weighed in at 26 tons and was armed with a 75mm main gun and an 8mm Breda machine gun, another Breda could be fitted for AA defence if required?

Italeri have just released this new kit of the P40 with this preview showing the kit contents.

The Kit:
The kit has 4 large sprues in light beige plastic, a metal 75mm barrel tube, a fret of etched parts by 'Hauler' and two small clear lenses for the headlights plus the decal sheet.

As with other recent Italeri kits it comes with its own small reference book with many good close-up walk around type pics of the P40 as well as wartine shots.

The moulding quality is quite good being a brand new kit and the link and length track is especially well done.

Metal and etched parts
  • Ansaldo Works, Genoa, end of 1943
  • Panzer-Kompanie, 24. Waffen-Gebirgs (karstjager) Elite troops,
    1st Platoon, Friuli region, April 1945
  • 15. Polizei-Panzer-Kompanie, Novara, April 1945
  • Panzer-Ausbildings-Abteilung Sud, P40 Platoon, Lonigo,
    summer 1944
  • Italeri
The Sprues:

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