K59 1:35 Scale Set No. C-009
Review by Terry Ashley

K59 continue there range of finely cast resin accessory sets with this latest release of the M.G.42 7.92mm machine gun which entered service in 1942 supposedly to replace the older M.G.34 but both soldiering on to the end of the war. The M.G.42 remained in service after the end of hostilities and led directly to the development of the US M60 GPMG and the German MG3.

The kit:
The set provides one M.G.42 with 10 parts cast in a light gray resin and 7 etched parts with the standard of casting being superb as we have seen from previous K59 sets with extremely fine detail and just the small casting blocks to be removed from the parts which is easily done but you need to take care due to the finesse of the parts.

The overall length of the real gun is 1225mm which equals 35mm in 1:35 scale and the resin gun measures out to this exactly give or take a fraction.

resin parts
Etched parts

The main gun is cast in one piece and features a separate receiver cover and most notably the cooling jacket is cast hollow with cleanly opened holes with a separate barrel added for excellent definition. The only issue here is the barrel appears a little too thin but being separate can easily be replaced with thin rod if you feel it needs updating.

The detail on the gun is excellent with the recoil spring detail inside the receiver and nicely detailed muzzle which is hollowed out slightly but you could drill this out further for a better appearance.

Other parts include the separate receiver cover, a choice of extended or folder bi-pod legs and a choice of ammo drum or length of 7.92mm rounds to add a bit of variety depending on the use of the gun as well as the two part etched sling with extremely fine attachments and an anti-aircraft site as a option.

All round views of the main MG.42 casting
with separate barrel insert.


Assembly is fairly straightforward but due to the fine parts care will be needed in some areas. The receiver cover has additional etched parts added inside but if you are gluing the cover closed these can be eliminated with the fit of the cover being very good either open or closed.

Fitting the barrel is very easy with the resin part just slipping into the open cooling jacket without any problems and your choice of folded or extended bi-pod legs added at the front.

Barrel fitted on place and images of real gun.
Barrel is fractionally too thin but easily replaced due to being a separate part.

Receiver cover open with etched inside detail

Adding your choice of ammo drum or ammo belt is also very straightforward with a small part with three 7.92mm rounds added into the receiver if you use the drum as well as separate fine resin handle added to the drum base.

Views of assembled gun, etched sling still to be added.
A section of ammo belt is provided as an alternative to the drum


Adding the etched sling may present a few challenges due to the brass not wanting to bend naturally and the securing clips are extremely small requiring some care and patience while assembling these and attaching to the gun, but the end result looks good overall.

This is another superbly cast set that provides probably the best detailed M.G.42 available in 1:35 scale in any medium with the hollow cooling jacket and separate barrel providing excellent definition.

The separate receiver cover and barrel will allow you to show the gun being stripped for a diorama and can be used as an infantry gun or vehicle mounted as applicable, the uses are endless.

Highly recommended 9/10

Thanks to my credit card and the excellent service from Lucky Model for the review kit.

Page created April 10, 2008

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