Armour Workshop
Karl Mörser Workable Track
LionMarc Model Designs Set No. AW-70005
1:35th Scale
Review by Terry Ashley

Armour Workshop, now LionMarc Model Designs have released a set of resin workable track for the Dragon Mörser Karl-Gerät 040/041 (kits #6179, #6181) and consists of 205 individual track links in light cream resin and 205 pre-cut brass pins.

Casting quality is very good with virtually no cleanup required apart from some minor resin film in some of the drive teeth cut-outs with the links having nice ribbing detail as well as the lightening hole in each guide tooth.

Individual links and pins in the set.
LionMarc Model Designs

There is the occasional minor excess resin in the guide tooth lightening hole and the pre-drilled pin holes in the links which can quickly be opened up with the appropriate sized drill but this was very much restricted to a few links only.

Assembly of the track links is very straightforward by simply fitting one link into the other and slipping the pin through the hole with very little effort. A small dab of thick cyanoacrylate at one end to hold the pin in place and the join is done.
If you do come across a pin that won't go in with more than minor pressure don't force it as you could damage the link, simply open up the holes with the drill bit and then slip the pin through.

Assembled length of track, front and inside views
LionMarc Model Designs
Link assembly, simply insert metal pin
LionMarc Model Designs

The assembled track run fits perfectly around the Dragon drive sprockets without any trimming needed for some of the quickest and easiest track links you will find to greatly improve the look of the Dragon kit track and allow natural sag to the track run.

Assembled length of track around the Dragon Drive sprocket
LionMarc Model DesignsLionMarc Model Designs
Link assembly, simply insert metal pin
LionMarc Model Designs

While the links are designed for the Dragon Karls you may want to fit these to the better detailed Trumpeter Karls (Kits #00208, #00209) but as the Trumpeter drive sprocket guide teeth are slightly wider (.05mm) than the Dragon sprockets they won't fit as they come.

The simplest method to fit these tracks to the Trumpeter drive sprockets is to add a .05mm plastic card spacer between the two drive sprocket halves (parts H11, H12) and also add a similar spacer to the end of the locating lug on part H12 to ensure the inner sprocket remains the same distance from the hull when fitted.

After inserting this spacer the resin links fit the Trumpeter sprockets perfectly due to both the Dragon and Trumpeter sprockets having the same tooth pitch allowing these nice tracks to be used on the Trumpeter kit.

.5mm card spacers added to Trumpeter sprockets as per text
LionMarc Model Designs
Assembled length of track around modified Trumpeter Drive sprocket
LionMarc Model DesignsLionMarc Model Designs

An excellent set of resin tracks for the Mörser Karl with nice crisp details, minimal cleanup, easy assembly and a perfect fit to the Dragon kits and can be used on the Trumpeter kits with very minor alterations to add further appeal of the tracks.

Highly recommended

Thanks to my Credit Card and the guys at Hobby Easy for the review set.

Page created September 18, 2005

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