LionMarc Model Designs
Mk.19 Grenade Launcher Barrel
LionMarc Model Designs Set No. LM10017
Passion Models Set P35-012
1:35th Scale

Review by Terry Ashley

This new metal replacement barrel from LionMarc Model Designs is for the U.S. Mk.19 Grenade Launcher which is a belt fed automatic granade launcher used on tripod ground mounts as well as fitted to various vehicles such as the HUMVEE and M151 RWS mounted on the Stryker IVC as well as on other vehicles.

The set has just a single cleanly machined barrel that has the even muzzle brake as fitted to current Mk.19s seen in Iraq and Afghanistan with earlier types having a more rounded muzzle brake.

One piece brass barrel
LionMarc Model Designs

There is no cleanup needed on the brass part with the muzzle brake fully drilled out as are the four open gas holes with the correct contours on the barrel, the only issue is the actual muzzle brake has five gas holes instead of the four and the other minor nit pick is the muzzle brake is a little thick compared to the real thing (see image below) but this would be hard to pick once fitted to a vehicle mounting.

I have fitted the barrel to the Mk.19 from the recent AFV Club M1126 Stryker ICV (kit #AF35126) and all that was required was to cut off the plastic barrel and drill a small hole in the centre of the receiver front to take the pin on the barrel base.

The resulting barrel looks very good and gives a marked improvment in appearance to the launcher and the same method can be used to fit the barrel to any available kit or resin Mk.19 Grenade Launcher.

Metal barrel added to the AFV Club Mk.19 from their recent M1126 Stryker ICV kit (#AF35126)
LionMarc Model Designs
Views of real Mk.19 for comparison
LionMarc Model Designs

This is simplest of updates for the Mk.19 with no cleanup required on the parts which also have excellent details on the barrel and muzzle brake which is fully drilled out. Fitting the barrel is about as easy as you can get for a current Mk.19 for anyone modelling vehicles currently serving in Iraq and Afghanistan or elsewhere.

Highly recommended 8/10

The set is also marketed in Japan under the Passion Models label by M.S.Models as set #P35-012 and is the same barrel as included in the LionMarc set reviewed here.

Thanks to my Credit Card and LionMarc Model Designs for the review set.

Page created August 5, 2007