Steyr 1500
Lion Roar 1:35 set #LAM032
Review by Terry Ashley

Lion Roar This simple set from Lion Roar is designed for either of the Tamiya Steyr 1500 kits, #35225 Steyr Type 1500A/01 and #35235 Steyr Type 1500A Kommandeurwagen with the basic updates included in the etched set.

The standard of etching is again very good and is superior to some other Steyr sets available especially in regards to the engine compartment mesh with nice relief on the parts many of which are extremely fine and will require care when handling.

The main items in the set are the mesh screens for the front and sides of the engine compartment which have excellent definition on the mesh and the two side screens also including the six very small clips as separate parts. These will test your eyesight and you will need care when removing them from the fret and fitting but the extra level of detail is worth the effort. One thing to watch here is the screens are side specific but the instructions have the part numbers transposed, so just swap part number 9 and 10 for the correct location.

The front radiator screens fit neatly into the inside recesses already included in the kit for the thick mesh included with the Tamiya kit but the two side front screens have to have the outer edge bent to fit the bodywork contours. This is easy to do by slipping the mesh onto place and using finger pressure press the mesk to bend to the required shape, the mesh is thin enough for the finger pressure to conform the mesh to the bodywork and can then be held in place with thin cyanoacrylate applied from the inside.

On the front bumper the central guard is replaced with etched parts with the outer frame and the six upright ribs as separate parts which fit together neatly with small notches on the mail frame and at the end of the ribs to ensure proper location.

Care is needed when bending the corners of the outer frame as it can tend to bend where the notches are instead of between them as required but there are indentation on the inside of the frame where the curve goes to help with the bending and by using the kit guard as a guide there shouldn’t be any problems, but take your time here.

Other items in the set are the door handles and inside door grab handles, two types of windscreen wipers for either kit, the front and rear number plates, the NOTEK light mounting for the side of the engine compartment and three types of pennants for the left fender.

This is a simple but nicely rendered update set for the Tamiya Steyrs with the engine screens done extremely well plus some extremely fine parts to add detail to the kits.

Highly recommended.

Uniform decorations
Lion Roar
Engine compartment grill mesh
Lion Roar

book Steyr 1500A in detail

Wings & Wheels Press
Special Museum Line No.9

Thanks to Lion Roar for the review set.

Page created July 2, 2006

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