AFV Smoke Launcher
WWII German

Lion Roar 1:35 set #LAM037
Review by Terry Ashley

This set is early WWII German Smoke grenade launchers has a small fret of etched parts plus six brass grenade pots and six brass smoke grenades.

The etched parts are cleanly etched with engraved detail on both sides as well as raised detail for the bolt heads while the brass parts are again cleanly machined without any clean-up required.

Included are two sets of launcher brackets, a set for the Pz.III Ausf.M/N, Pz.IV Ausf,G and StuG.III Ausf.G which also include the small lifting hook on the upper bracket, the hook is provided as two small etched parts with separate bolts heads.

The second set is for the early Panther Ausf.D and early Tiger Is with the brackets having two separate bolt heads to be added for detail.

The brass pots have small pins on the bottom that fit into holes in the brackets ensuring they are mounted centrally and you then (or before) bend the brackets arms to the required angles, I found it easier to attach the pots with cyanoacrylate before bending as it is easier to bend to the right angle with the pots attached. There are also separate caps for the pots to show these sealed for a bit of variety.

To fit the assemblies to the respective kit you simply attach the brackets to the kit turret mounting brackets and you may want to add fine wiring (not included) to finish off the launcher assemblies.

A nicely produced set of early smoke grenade launchers with the separate grenades allowing you to show them in place or with some pots empty and are applicable to any applicable kit.

Highly recommended.

Etched fret
Lion Roar
Brass parts and assembled launchers
Lion RoarLion RoarLion Roar

Thanks to Lion Roar for the review set.

Page created October 13, 2006

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