AFV Smoke Launcher
Modern German

Lion Roar 1:35 set #LAM038
Review by Terry Ashley

Following the WWII German smoke launchers (set #LAM037) come this set of Modern German smoke grenade launchers that consists of a small fret of etched parts, 8 turned brass grenades and 8 resin mounting posts.

The etched parts are again cleanly etched with engraved detail with very fine chain for the grenade caps and the brass parts are also cleanly machined without any clean-up required. The resin parts are blemish free and just very small casting blocks to be removed before use.

The mounting posts are designed to sit the brass grenades into the recess but are only really applicable to earlier Modern German vehicles such as the Leopard Is as the Leopard 2 use a more bulky mounting post.

The fit of the brass grenade into the post is very good but note the instructions show to fit this wrongly but there only fit in the right spot anyway so don’t be tempted to alter the resin parts to match the instructions.

The small etched top bracket is best bent to shape before attaching for a better fit which is good being just the right length to mate to each side of the resin mounting.

The very fine chain can look better is you twist this to take away the flat look with one end attaching to the top of the cap and other to the grenade just below the cap, not to the base as indicated in the instructions. There are small locating tabs on each end of the etched chain to hold in place with a small dab of cyanoacrylate.

A very nice set of modern German smoke grenade launchers that are finished off nicely with the fine cap chain and you can use this on earlier vehicles with the resin mounting posts or on later Leopard 2 by just using the brass grenades with the kit mountings.

Highly recommended.

Etched fret
Lion Roar
Brass parts
Lion Roar
Resin parts and assembed launcher
Lion RoarLion Roar
Brass launchers added to Tamiya Leopard 2A5/6 launchers after carefully removing
the plastic launcher and replacing with the Brass launcher

Lion Roar

Thanks to Lion Roar for the review set.

Page created October 13, 2006

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