Lion Roar
PaK43/2 L71 Barrel
Lion Roar set #LB3503
Review by Terry Ashley

This barrel is designed for the Dragon Ferdinand/Elefant kits and consists of a single aluminium barrel with fine rifling added inside the muzzle and four machined brass parts for the single piece muzzle brake and gun collars as well as three etched parts for the muzzle brake details.

Assembly is straight forward but the rear muzzle brake brass collar may need enlarging slightly with a fine needle point file to fit the barrel as will the rear of the muzzle brake but test first to see if this is required?

The inner muzzle brake grommet includes the raised detail and was an easy fit inside the muzzle brake without any filing needed with the muzzle end cap also fitting precisely to the muzzle brake but you have to add two small notches yourself with a fine razor saw and extreme care is needed here not to destroy a good barrel by not getting the cuts even on both sides.

The cut-out holes in the muzzle brake will need some minor filing to smooth out the edges as there are a few minor blemishes but these should be easy to remedy?

On the top of the muzzle brake is the small securing fittings with three very small etched parts and care is needed when fitting these and when fitting the barrel to the target kits watch the orientation of the muzzle brake to ensure it lines up correctly in relation to the mantlet.

A simple update set to add a considerable more detailed barrel to the Dragon kits.

Unassembled parts
Lion Roar
Image showing barrel rifling
Lion Roar
Muzzle brake close ups
Lion Roar Lion Roar

Thanks to my credit card for the review sample.

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