Lion Roar
20mm FlaK38 Barrel
Lion Roar set #LB3515
Review by Terry Ashley

The Set:
Lion Roar is the latest manufacturer to released a 20mm FlaK38 gun barrel with this set that has the barrel and flash suppressor machined in one piece eliminating any assembly with a small etched part for the housing.

Metal barrel and etched parts
Lion Roar

The flash suppressor is cleanly machined and is fully hollowed out back past the collar gas holes with cleanly drilled holes in the flash suppressor and the collar but the suppressor cone thickness is slightly thicker than on some other FlaK38 barrels and there was a little excess material in the neck that was easily removed with an appropriate sized drill bit.

Flash suppressor
Lion Roar

The flash suppressor and barrel length matches in size exactly to the 1:35 plans in Panzer Tracks No.12 Flakpanzer and Nuts and Bolts Vol.13 Flakpanzer IV with the actual measurements being; full length of the gun (housing and visible barrel including flash suppressor) 2252.5mm which equals 64.357mm in 1:35 scale and the visible length of the barrel with flash suppressor is 995mm is 28.429mm (rounded to 28.5mm) in 1:35 scale. Being in one piece it can be fitted directly to the applicable kits with the modifications needed being similar on all kits by simply cutting off the kit barrel at the front of the gun, drill a small hole and slip the metal in place, all very easy.

Barrel fitted to Dragon and Tristar Flak38s
Lion Roar
Lion Roar
Lion Roar

Another nicely detailed barrel with the flash suppressor being well done with cleanly machined holes and easy fitting for a simple update to add that extra detail to any FlaK38 kit.

Highly recommended.

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By Werner Müller
Schiffer Military History
ISBN: 0-88740-758-7

Soft cover
47 pages

Panzer TracksLeichter Zugkraftwagen 1t
(Sd.kfz.10) Ausf.A and B and Variants
development and production from 1935 to 1945

Panzer Tracts No.22-1
ISBN 0-9815382-5-8
Thomas L. Jentz and Hilary Louis Doyle

Includes accurate 1:35 plans of the 2cm Flak 30
and 2cm Flak 38 early and late.

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Tamiya Plastic Model Co.

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Thanks to Lion Roar for the review set

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