12.8cm PaK 44/2 L/55 barrel
for Jagdtiger (Tamiya)

Lion Roar 1:35 set #LB3527
Review by Terry Ashley

The set:

Lion Roar has released this replacement metal barrel designed for the Tamiya Panzerjäger "Jagdtiger" Sd.Kfz.186 Frühe Produktion (Kit #35295).

The set consists of a single finely turned brass barrel with the muzzle drilled out and rifling included and requires no cleanup at all before fitting to the kit apart from some minor burs inside the bore from the rifling machining process.

One piece aluminium barrel
Lion Roar

The metal barrel is the full length of the kit barrel for a straight replacement but doesn't included the breech locating bevel which requires some minor alterations to the kit parts, also the large locating pin inside breech is slightly larger in diameter than the plastic part.

Comparison of Tamiya kit and Lion Roar metal muzzle with rifling
Lion Roar

Fitting the barrel to the Tamiya kit as mentioned requires some minor modifications to the kit parts that are well within the capabilities of most modellers.

Firstly you need to slightly enlarge the inner breech opening which can be done with a #11 blade, test fitting the barrel for the right fit. Next remove the large notch on the upper breech half (part D17) and finally remove the small notch from inside the upper gun mount support (part D19), all very easy.

Modifications to the Tamiya Jagdtiger kit parts as above
Lion RoarLion RoarLion Roar

You then just fit the barrel into the assembled kit breech and add the two gun mounting parts (D19, D20) and complete the gun and kit assembly as per kit instructions.

Modifications to the Tamiya Jagdtiger kit parts as above
Lion Roar
Lion Roar


This is the simplest of barrel updates for the Tamiya Panzerjäger "Jagdtiger" with a nicely machined barrel with rifling included and only requires minor kit alterations to add more detail to the kit gun barre as well as eliminating the need to sand the barrel join seam.

Highly recommended

Thanks to Lion Roar for the review set.

Page created December 13, 2009