Sd.Kfz.251 Ausf.C
Lion Roar set #LE35033
Review by Terry Ashley

This set is designed for the Dragon Sd.Kfz.251/1 Ausf.C (Kit #6187) and is quite comprehensive with seven etched frets of different size and thickness along with the length of copper wire and photo film dials for the instrument panel.

Two of the frets are in thicker metal for better detail definition of the parts and give some nice variation to the single thickness parts of some etched sets.

For the exterior all the fender storage boxes are in etched metal with separate latches and hull attachment points which allows you to show these open or simulate authentic damage without any problems.

The two types of taillight have etched parts for the faces and mountings which are used in conjunction with the kit parts as well as new rear mud flaps and upper hull side mounted turn indicators as well as tool clips and brackets for the fender mounted pioneer tools, these clips are multipart and can be shown open or closed as you wish.

Two jerry can racks are provided for the rear doors and new tow shackles for the front hull are in thicker metal for a good appearance and the top hull panel under the MG is also in metal with a three part bullet splash guard for again good definition.

The remainder of the parts are for the interior with a new instrument panel with the photo film dials, the driver foot pedals including the roller type accelerator as well as the gas mask rack and smaller details on the main panel. All four interior visors have workable multi-part assemblies which are now standard in etched sets for the 251 and even basic metal parts are included in the latest Dragon 251 kits.

The two crew seats have etched rear springs and require you to shave off the moulded on details and this should look good and allow minor damage to be included and the radio gets a new rack in thin metal and new radio face in thicker metal with nicely etched dial details included.

The storage lockers behind the seat backrest are in etched metal along with the rifle racks inside the lockers as well as clips and fittings while the lower storage boxes and lower seat frames are made up of etched parts, plastic rod (not supplied) and frames from the thicker etched parts as well as lower seat section from plastic card (again not supplied), these assemblies look quite complicated and some care will be needed during assembly and the large bolted flanges on the inside between the front and rear compartments is in two parts each with bolt head details included and this allows the join line between the two flanges to be replicated.

The inside of the rear doors get the moulded on brackets replaced with etched parts and the upper MG shield and mounting brackets are provided as well as clips for attaching the MG34s to the anti-aircraft mounts.

The instructions are on two double sided A4 sized pages and consist of exploded view drawings which are quite clear and easy to follow along the lines of other mainstream etched sets these days.

A comprehensive update set with many parts replacing kit items such as storage boxes and instrument panels while other add additional detail the kit parts. The only negative as with any etched set is some of the finer parts which are in two dimensional etched metal would be better in three dimensional wire or rod, but as mentioned this is not just with this set but is in common with all etched sets.
But on the plus side things like the instrument panel, driver’s foot pedal, storage boxes and tool clips look just the thing when replaced with the etched parts.


Etched Parts
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Lion Roar
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Thanks to my credit card and Hobby Easy for the review sample.

Page created 4 November 2004

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