Lion Roar 1:35 set #LE35059
Review by Terry Ashley

Lion Roar The update sets for the excellent Trumpeter KVs keep coming with this set from Lion Roar following the recent trend of including a turned metal barrel along with the etched update parts.

This set is designed for Trumpeter kits 00357 Russia KV-1s Ehkranami and 00359 Russia KV-1 (Model 1942) Heavy Cast Turret Tank although some parts can be used on the other kits as well if required and has four frets of etched parts with a 120mm length of 0.5mm plastic rod, a 120mm length of 0.2mm copper wire plus the 76.2mm metal barrel that has fine rifling in the hollowed out muzzle.

The quality of etching is excellent with clean crisp etchings with nice relief on the parts and the usual engrave bending lines where applicable.

There are relatively few parts with the fender storage boxes being completely replaced with etched parts with additional hinges, grab handles and latches that will allow the boxes to be shown open as well as incorporating damage if required.

The two round fuel tanks fitted to later KVs are also supplied and these require you to bend the tanks to the rounded profile with additional attachment straps and brackets.

The two curved engine deck screens are replaced with fine etched screens that have a subtle weave effect with separate outer frames as well as the two inner louvers which replace the kit parts without any problems. Care will be needed when bending the slight curve to the screens as the two solid half crescent end sections are included with the meshing and of course these shouldn’t be bent.

There is also the mesh screen for the underside of the rear hull overhang which also has a slight bend to be added plus details for the exhaust outlets.

The insides of the two hull crew hatches get new etched latch mechanisms which require you to remove the moulded on detail from the kit parts with the etched mechanism added for better detail definition.

All the fender support brackets and bolted flange sections are provided as etched parts which are designed to be fitted to the kit plastic fenders that again require some of the moulded on details be removed beforehand to as the etched parts.

Moving to the turret there is the metal barrel as mentioned which is a straight replacement for the kit barrel without any kit alterations required and the upper mantlet cover is also provided as an etched part for a thinner look than the kit part.

A fairly simple detail set with the engine deck screens, storage boxes and fuel tanks requiring the most work with most other parts simple replacing the kit parts.
The inclusion of the metal barrel is a nice bonus alleviating the need to buy this as an additional set.

Highly recommended.

Etched Parts
Lion Roar
Lion RoarLion Roar
Lion Roar
Metal barrel with plastic rod and thin wire
Lion Roar
Metal barrel with Trumpeter mantlet
Lion Roar

KV-1 Soviet Heavy Tank of WWII - Early Variants
Tankograd Soviet Special
No. 2002
KV-1 & 2 Heavy Tanks

Osprey New Vanguard 17
ISBN 1-85532-496-2
Ground Power Magazine
#75 - 8/2000
Published by GALILEO
Publishing Co.,Ltd.

Thanks to my credit card and the excellent service from Hobby Easy for the review set.

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