Lion Roar 1:35 set #LE35071 - LE35072
Reviews by Terry Ashley


Lion Roar have released three etched update sets for the Tamiya Humvees (kits #35263 and #35267) and we will look at sets #LE35071 and #LE35072 together here as they both have three frets of etched parts and a small photo film sheet for the instrument dials with frets A and B being the same for both sets plus different parts on fret C for the weapons.

The standard of the etching is excellent with extremely fine details most notable on the mesh for the radiator and hood louver grills and the fine lengths of chain provided. There are also very fine engraved details and etched relief on many parts with the usual engraved bending lines and the use of an etched bending tool would be advisable for many of the fine parts.

The common parts to both sets included the central extendable stand although it is fixed in one position with the tread plate pattern nicely done and the radio rack has separate parts for the legs plus additional panels for the floor, central hump sides and around the base of the front seats as well as seat belts with nice engraved weave texture and separate attachments and buckles.

You also get the allusive driver’s foot pedals plus the front air conditioning panel and central instrument panel with photo film dials with the insides of the doors detailed with the window glass channels and hinges plus replacement wipers on the windscreen.

The large rear door has nine parts added to the interior including the open folded bracket along the top which will need careful bending as the bends are close to the cut-outs but careful use of a bending tool should alleviate any problems. There is also the perforated ring around the inside of the top weapons ring as well as the sling and attachment brackets and the panels along the insides of the rear compartment are included which have excellent engraved details with additional door support mounting brackets.

At the front are the mesh panels for inside the front grill and under the hood louvers which have very fine meshwork plus the side hood attachment clips in three parts per side plus fittings for the front bumper and tool rack under the rear body.

There are small details for the rear tailgate as well as the heat shield for the extended type exhaust pipe if used plus the CIP panels for the hood and doors along with the door mounting brackets, the CIP panels will need careful bending as you have to bend in opposite directions on alternate bends to get the concertina effect and care will be needed here to get the sequence right.

The different parts for each set are for the different weapons fit with set #b (for kit #35267) having the hexagonal TOW launcher base and launcher mounting details including fine chain and brackets plus additional parts for the missile control box and numerous attachment straps for the various storage boxes and equipment brackets in the rear compartment.

Set #LE35072 (for kit#35263) has additional detail parts for the .50cal MG and the Mk.19 grenade launcher including the 20mm ammo box support box and again numerous securing straps and brackets for the rear compartment equipment racks.

The instructions are similar for both as you would expect with the usual exploded view drawings that are easy to follow in most case but as with any careful study beforehand will reduce any problems.

These two sets provide many of the finer details for the Tamiya kits with just minor alterations required to cut off some of the kit moulded on detail to be replaced with the etched parts but nothing that should cause problems.

Some of the parts will require careful bending as they are quite small with fine bends required but again nothing that should be too difficult for anyone with moderate experience with etched parts.

The overall result will be more refined details on the already sound Tamiya kits.

Highly recommended.

Etched Parts
Note: Frets A and B have the same parts but are marked
M1046 LE35071 and M1025 LE35072 respectively
(Set LE35071 frets shown here)
Lion Roar Lion Roar
Lion RoarLion Roar
Lion Roar

Thanks to Lion Roar for the review set.

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