HUMVEE Armour Plate
Iraq War 2003
Lion Roar 1:35 set #LE35073
Reviews by Terry Ashley


This third set is designed for the Tamiya M1025 HUMVEE (Kit #35263) and has one fret in thicker etched metal which is again cleanly etched with some engraved detail with very little bending required on the parts.

The set has replacement cut-down armour doors and lower side body armour panels with separate hinges and attachments which just need the kit moulded on hinges cut off to fit the replacement panels.

Also included is a shield to add to the roof weapons station with small mounting bracket provided to add to the kit weapon mount (part X16).

There have been many variations to these add on panels with field modifications to HUMVEEs in Iraq and this set provides and easy conversion to represent any one of these, likewise there have been different designs for the gun shield and the one provided here gives a typical example.

Recommended for an easy up armoured conversion.

Etched Parts
Lion Roar

Thanks to Lion Roar for the review set.

Page created October 3, 2006

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