Lion Roar
U.S.M2A1 Half-Track
Lion Roar 1:35 set #LE35078
Review by Terry Ashley

Lion RoarLion Roar are the first of no doubt many update sets for the recent Dragon M2A1 Half-Track (kit #6329) with this set containing two frets of etched parts, a length of brass wire and plastic rod plus a decal for the instrument panel dials.

The quality of the etched parts is again excellent with well defined details and fine relief of the larger and smaller parts. Some of the smaller parts will require care removing from the frets and cleaning up the fine burs with the parts having the usual engraved bending lines to make the job easier.

The set gives you all the most obvious updates with few extras thrown in with the Driver's compartment getting the driver's foot pedals, a new hand brake lever, front louvre open/close lever and the instrument panel in etched outer face and a decal for the instrument dials. This requires you to shave off the moulded on detail from the kit instrument panel and add the decal and etched face.

In the rear compartment are replacement grab rails along the front to the bench seats made from the brass rod and small etched brackets.

There are also replacement windscreen wipers, replacement door handles and the two side jerry can racks are in etched with etched securing straps and this required you to cut the racks from the kit jerry cans but the rack mounting bracket moulded solid on the kit is not preovided.

All the tools have their attachment racks in etched which requires the kit tools be trimmed as well numerous small tie down cleats and you are provided an etched jig to bend these to the correct shape for better definition from the usual flat etched tie downs. Also included are the early and late style of head light bush guards to replace the kit items.

The remaining parts provide the pintle mounts and cradles for the .50cal and .30cal MGs with two styles, the early and late for the .30cal as well as ammo boxes and ammo belts for .50cal and .30cal ammo. There are two belts designed to be glued together to give more thickness but you can't get away from the flat 2 dimensional look of etched ammo belts but they give the basic impression.

This set covers most of the obvious updates for the Dragon kit with a few parts requiring moulded on detail to be removed from the kit parts but nothing too difficult and will add a nice detail touch to the kit.

Highly recommended

Etched and other parts
Lion RoarLion Roar
Lion Roar
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Lion Roar
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