Lion Roar
U.S.Army White 160AX
Engine for M2 Half-track

Lion Roar 1:35 set #LE35088
Review by Terry Ashley

The set:

Lion Roar have now released as a separate set the White 160AX engine for the M2/M3 Half-Track series which was originally included in the major M2/M2A1 Update Set (#LAS35002) and is designed for any of the Cyberhobby/Dragon U.S. Half-Track kits released to date or in the future.

The set consists of 6 parts in light cream resin, 27 parts on the etched fret and a pre-formed brass engine under pan which sees the standard of resin casting very high with just a small casting block to be removed from the parts but no other 'flash' or blemishes are present.

The etched parts are also very well done and come with the now familiar thin film covering on both sides that you simply peel away to access the parts, these still have the 'normal' small attachments from the parts to the fret which needs light filing in the usual manner.

Resin and etched parts
Lion Roar
Lion Roar


The main engine is superbly cast with excellent detail definition as well as many of the engine accessories already cast in place while the larger items such as the Distributor, Fuel and Vacuum Pump and Oil Filler Pipe are added separately with some of these items missing from the Dragon engine.

The only thing to be added is the spark plug and other wiring although no wire is included as it was with the super detail set.

The front radiator fans are in two flat etched parts you sandwich together but you have the add the curve in the blades and slightly twist these for a better look while the two fan belts are also in etched strips and these should be annealed by running through a candle flame so they can be better curved around the belt pulleys.

Assembled Engine
Lion RoarLion Roar
Dragon kit engine for comparison

To add the assembled engine to the kit lower engine sump pan you have to cut off the thin locating ridge from the kit part and just glue the resin engine in place with the lower cross member support a perfect fit into the same chassis locating ridges used by the kit part A36 so fitting is very easy.

Also included is the pre-formed brass lower sump pan and two etched support brackets which you add after fitting the resin in place for added detail.


The is a superbly cast While 160AX engine for the Cyberhobby/Dragon half-track kits that requires very little cleanup and easy assembly with most of the engine accessories already cast in place on the engine block while still including excellent detail definition.

The fit to the target kit is also very straightforward for a marked improvement in detail over the basic plastic engine included in the kits if you wish to show the hood open in a diorama setting and now having this as a separate set makes it accessible to anyone wishing to make the update without buying the full update set.

Highly Recommended

Thanks to Lion Roar for the review set.

Page created December 11, 2008