Lion Roar
Staghound AA Armoured Car
Lion Roar 1:35 Detail set #LE35109
Review by Terry Ashley


Lion Roar have released this fairly simple update set designed for the Bronco Models T17E2 Staghound AA Armoured Car (kit #CB-35026) but it could also be used for the recently released Italeri kit of the same vehicle (kit #6463) without much trouble.

The Set:

The set consists of 18 parts cast in light cream resin, an etched fret of barbed wire and two M2 cal.50 HB Machine Gun barrels as included in the recent .50cal Machine Gun Barrel set #LB3528.

The standard of resin casting is excellent without any air holes or other blemishes and just the usual casting blocks to be removed with the detail on the various tarp and bed rolls and the packs very well defined with realistic creases and folds.

Included are a selection of tarps and bed rolls with some designed to fit the contours of the fenders while others can be placed anywhere on the vehicle apart from the large group of gear designed for the engine deck. There is also two replacement fuel drums which include the weld join seam and filler cap as well as quite a bit of denting and simulated damage, but this seems a little excessive as the dents are all over the drums including the sides facing the hull. I guess they could have been kicked around the paddock before fitting but I've not seen this extent of damage on Staghound fuel drums but they do give an artistic appearance for those who like that finish?

Along with the tarps, packs and bedrolls are a couple of steel helmets but you should remember when attaching the packs and rolls to the vehicle to included straps and tie down attachments for a realistic appearance as velcro was not invented till well after WWII contrary to what Mr.Velinden would have us believe.

Metal and resin parts
Lion Roar
Lion Roar
Lion Roar

The M2 cal.50 HB Machine Gun barrels are described in detail in the review of set #LB3528 but basically have just two metal parts each with the barrel and the perforated cooling jacket.

The turned brass barrel has a drilled out muzzle with the correct size bore hole and captures the subtle taper of the barrel nicely and the cooling jacket as another machined brass part with the cooling holes as well as the indented ridges either side of the jacket.

There is small rim at the back of the barrel that fits neatly inside the cooling jacket for precise location and this makes aligning the parts easy without any hassles.

To fit the barrels to the Bronco (or Italeri) kit guns, you simply cut off the plastic cooling jacket/barrel, drill a small 0.5mm hole for the barrel pin ensuring this is located centrally where the barrel was and attach the barrel, all very easy.

Images showing the brass support beams and
Lion Roar

The etched barbed wire included can be cut from the fret to form one long strand and it's best to give this a few twists for more definition to the wire, you may want to bend the barbs about a bit also but as you roll the wire into a coil if adding to the glacis as indicated this will pop out the barbs as you go. Annealing the wire by running through a candle flame until red hot will remove the stiffness from the brass and allow a less uniform appearance after the twisting and bending.

Again remember to attach the wire coil to the head light guards or similar as it won't sit there by itself and take care when handling the etched wire as the barbs while small are fairly sharp and you can nick your fingers if not careful.


This is a failry simple update set for the Bronco or Italeri Staghound AA Armoured Car with a nice selection of gear to give a lived in look to the vehicle and apart from the items specifically designed for the fenders and engine deck you can add these anywhere you wish.

The inclusion of the nicely detailed M2 cal.50 HB Machine Gun barrels is a nice bonus as this does add considerable detail to the busy Bronco turret assembly and the barbed wire can be used as required on the vehicle or added to a small diorama base with the model.

This is a limited production set with just 600 units produced so it would be advisable to grab one now as they may not be around all that long?

Highly recommended.

Model Detail Photo Monograph No.29

Published by Rossagraph
ISBN: 83-89717-26-3
The Staghound in Canadian Service
by Roger V Lucy.
Service Publications, CanadaBook
Armored Car
A History of American
Wheeled Combat Vehicles

R.P Hunnicutt
ISBN 0-89141-777-X

Thanks to Lion Roar for the review set.

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