Round & Hexagon Screws
Lion Roar 1:35 set #LT0030-LT0037
Review by Terry Ashley

Lion Roar have released these sets of etched round and hexagon screws in different sizes to suit a variety if applications with the sets designed not in the usual etched style with thin attachments to the metal frets but with each individual screw head completely free on clear backing sheets.

As each set is produced in the same manner we will look at the 8 sets here together with a brief description of the sets and how to best remove the screw heads from the backing when needed, with set #LT0037 1.0mm Hexagon Screw used in the images.

The Sets:
The 8 sets featured here are:

Each etched fret in the sets are the same size so the number of screw heads on each varies with obviously more on the smaller sized and less on the larger sized sets.

Etched screw head fret
Lion Roar

This is not the first time etched sets have been designed without any attachments, this system has been used for years in Model Railways for etched detail sets as well as others a few years back for the Armour Modellers. These sets usually saw the etched item on a "rubber" type backing sheet which was soaked in acetone to "float" the etched part free for use but these sets from Lion Roar are a little different with no solvents or other agents needed to free up the individual etched screw head.

Each fret has two films attached, a thin film on the top of the fret and a thicker film on the bottom with the individual screw heads stuck to these films, the bond to the underside thicker film being stronger which will have a bearing on how you remove them from the backing film for use.

Firstly you peel back the thinner top film to expose the number of screw heads needed and then peel back the thicker underside film and the screw heads will come away with the film. You then use the tip of a #11 blade or similar to "pick" off each screw head which can then be applied to the model using cyanoacrylate (super glue).

You should only peel back the film from the screw heads needed at the time so others don't come away as the film will stick back into place but is the bond is not as stong after the first removal and also thankfully there is no "sticky" residue on the etched screw heads after removal so no cleanup is needed.

Images showing the upper and lower films on the frets
and the method of removing the screw heads as per text above .

Lion Roar
Lion Roar

While the sets are labeled Scews they don't actually have screw slots but are just as useful as Round and Hexagon bolts heads with the sets in different sizes produced in a novel way making their removal and use very easy without any cleanup required.

Modellers should find may applications for these bolt head sets and will be an great addition to the toolbox with the method of removing the items from the backing sheets and application to the model geting easier as you get used to the process and the lack of cleanup needed a real bonus.

Highly recommended.

Thanks to Lion Roar for the review set.

Page created July 12, 2008