Mig Productions
Europe DUKW Wheels
1/35 #35-016

Review by Terry Ashley
The update sets for the Italeri DUKW just keep coming; this set from Mig productions gives you a new set of wheels and some suspension parts.

Consisting of 15 parts in light cream resin there is only the usual casting blocks to be removed before use and virtually no other cleanup required.

The wheels are noticeable larger than the kit items and feature nice tread pattern and hub details, the bolt head detail is much better than the kit wheels.
Due to the larger wheel size some new suspension parts are provided for the rear suspension to allow these to fit the kit.

Mig Productions

No instructions are given with the resin kit but it is easy to see from the Italeri kit instructions which bits they are, they are the resin leaf springs replace kit parts 89c and 93c this is to give the correct spacing of the axles for the new wheels plus new drive shafts replacing kit parts 92c and 96c.

A brief painting guide for the wheels is shown on the box top but this is only pictures with no text so you have to work out for yourself what is going on in the pictures?

In all a simple update set to add some extra detail to your DUKW kit.


Mig Productions
Mig Productions

The update set was purchased via the Blast Models website with the usual quick turnaround time and e-mail notification when the set was sent.

Page created 8 February 2003

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