Mig Productions
M998 Conversion Set
#MP 35-121

Review by Terry Ashley
Designed specifically for the Tamiya HMMWV kits (#35263, 35267) this set allows you to convert either kit to the basic M998 Troop Carrier with tarp cover.

The set consists of 16 parts in light cream or grey resin and includes the four canvas doors, main cabin tarp and the full rear cargo bay tarp cover, the short tarp frame plus two antennas and mounts. There is the usual resin casting blocks to be removed plus some thin resin film inside the window cut-outs and there were a couple of minor air holes that will be easy to fill.

The doors have details inside and out and yes they do fit the Tamiya kit with the only minor “problem” being the inclusion of only four resin door handles, this means if you want to show the doors open you will have to find some extra door handles?

The tarp covers have nice contours over the internal frames and on the rear flap with securing buckles included along the bottom edges, but there may be a bit of trimming required to fit the rear flap to the main tarp.

You can build the model with just the main cabin cover with the inclusion of the frame for behind the rear doors or with the full rear tarp for a bit of variety although there is no rear flap if you choose the short tarp.

No alterations are required to the target kit to fit the new parts as they simply replace the corresponding kit parts and as the two types of hood radiator louvers are included in the Tamiya kits you have the right ones for the soft top HMMWV but as with any set some test fitting and trimming may be needed when fitting the tarp covers. Clear food wrap can be used to make the clear plastic windows for the doors and rear flap.

No instructions are included in the set but you don’t need any and the set will allow you to build a nice soft top M998 as seen in many pics from the actions in Iraq, the Balkans or Somalia.


Mig Productions
Mig Productions
Mig Productions

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