European Tram
Miniart 1:35 Scale Kit #38001
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Inside doors are sandwiched between the two bulkhead panels
allowing the door to side open after assembly. Door in closed position.

Door in open position, unfortunately it only opens to about 2/3 distance.
I glued the small side cabin panels to the bulkhead to form a sub-assembly
as this made fitting this to the cabin easier as you didn't need to try and align the bulkhead
and doors while gluing to the floor.

Inner bulkheads added to the floor.
Cab front sub-assemblies with side panels and smaller details added,
Note the added latch detail on the edges of the side panels.

The 8 folding entry doors, take careful note of the part numbers when matching the doors for assembly.
Front cab and entry doors fitted, the instructions only give the option of fitting the doors in the closed position
but they can be fitted open without much trouble if you wish, the main issue is with the folding frame door guard
which again is only supplied in the closed position.

Inside view of cabin front and doors fitted, note the many fine guard rails fitted.
To show the entry doors open you need to reposition the guard frame.
Guard as assembled in kit (left) and in the folder open position (right).
I used the brackets on the cab panel as a jog when gluing the frame in the open position
before fitting to the panel. The frame folds upwards on the real thing and you reposition the parts accordingly.

Views with the doors repositioned open, inside view of the folder doors (left)
and with the folder guard frame (right).


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