Panzerjäger 38 füer 7.5cm PaK40/3 (Sd.Kfz.138)
Marder III Ausf.H

1:35 Dragon/Italeri/Tristar Kit comparison

Front hull plate, Glacis and rear hull plate
Note the Dragon tow hook plates are too tall with a rounded top profile as well as the bolts being too high,
this is again due to using the Ausf.G parts here and not the correct profile Marder H parts
The Italeri and Tristar kits have this correct although the Tristar tow hook mounting plates are about .5mm too tall,
about the only dimensional error in the kit.
Also note the raised detail on the Dragon and Italeri plates but not on the Tristar plate, this is correct for
both as photos exist of Marder III Hs with and without this detail.

Marder III HMarder III H
The glacis plates are much of a muchness for each kit with all three missing the small bolts on the hatch hinge.
Obviously the Italeri plate has the inspection hatch included while the other two have it separate.

Marder III HMarder III H
The rear hull plates are again much the same apart from the lower right port cover completely missing
from the Dragon plate, once again due to the Ausf.G rear plate being used.
Marder III H
Close up of rear panel showing the missing access port from the Dragon kit with an image of the real port for reference.
The Tristar kit is correct while the Italeri kit has the post but the wrong shape.
Marder III H
Kit mufflers, the Dragon and Italeri mufflers are too narrow according to the Panzer Tracts plans
while the Tristar muffler is the correct length.

Marder III H

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