Panzerjäger 38 füer 7.5cm PaK40/3 (Sd.Kfz.138)
Marder III Ausf.H

1:35 Dragon/Italeri/Tristar Kit comparison

One piece superstructure sides that lack internal details but make assembly easier
Marder III H
The Italeri superstructure sides are also in one piece each for easy assembly but again lack internal details Marder III H
Multi-part superstructure sides that require more assembly but have better internal details
Marder III H
Close up of superstructure side parts
Marder III H
Fighting compartment roof with overlay of Panzer Tracts 1:35 plan.
Dragon roof too narrow by 1mm each side and the periscope ports are 2mm too far inboard as well as the
roof contours out a little due the narrow width.
Both the Italeri and Tristar roofs match the plans perfectly in size but the Italeri ports are a little out of position.

Marder III HMarder III HMarder III H

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