Sprocket & Idler ring set

Modelkasten 1:35 set #A-10
Review by Terry Ashley

TamiyaModelkasten, best known for the individual track sets have released this simple update set designed for the recent Tamiya German Panzerkampfwagen II Ausf.A/B/C (Sd.Kfz.121) French Campaign (kit #35292).

The set consists of two replacement drive sprockets and four outer idler wheel rings only but no actual idler wheels as well as 20 individual track links all moulded in the usual Modelkasten light brown plastic.

The drive sprockets are unfortunately all but useless as they are 1mm too large in diameter and only have 25 drive teeth when the actual Panzer II sprocket has 26 teeth, also the central hub bulge is too small, all these issues are confirmed when comparing the sprockets to the latest 1:35 plans and research available in the recent Panzer Tracts No.2-1 Panzerkampwagen II Ausf.A-C.

The sprockets have basically been included to allow anyone with the Modelkasten Panzer II workable track to use these on the Tamiya kit as they will not fit the Tamiya sprockets which have the correct 26 drive teeth, but compromise the sprocket accuracy in the process.

Moving to the idlers, there are two outer wheel rings that are the correct 18mm in diameter and when fitted to the Tamiya idler make this also the correct diameter as the kit idler is 1mm too small in diameter at 17mm. The smaller inner ring will need care removing from the sprue to not be damages as it is very thin and the sprue attachments are fairly sizable compared to the ring.

The larger ring is a bit of a compromise as it has to fit the smaller diameter of the Tamiya idler ribs as well as incorporating the additional 1mm in diameter and this results in a ring that is slightly too thick, this is only marginal and may not be that noticeable when fitted to the kit.

The other issue here is while the larger idler rings rectify the undersized idler diameter on the Tamiya kit the link and length track in the kit is designed to fit around an idler 1mm smaller in diameter than the correctly sized idler rings and you may have fit problems mating the two ends of the track together? Not joining the links around the idler tightly together may space these out enough to extend around the larger idler and test fitting will determine what may be needed.

Also included are 20 individial workable track links to use as spare links on the kit and these clip together in the usual Modelkasten manner but seem to have been included just to "bulk" up the detail set.

Sprue x 2
Track links x 20
Comparison with the Tamiya kit drive sprocket
highlighting the incorrect number of driver teeth and the oversized Modelkasten sprocket diameter


Unfortunately there is little to recommend with this set, the drive sprockets as mentioned are simply not usable if you place any value of accuracy and the idler rings while correcting the kit idler diameter have a slightly thicker outer ring as a consequence. If you wanted to correct the Tamiya kit idler then spending your hard earned on the Passion Models Panzer II Ausf.A-C Idler wheels (Set #P35025) would be the better option and give this set a miss.

Not recommended

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Thanks to my credit card for the review set.

Page created February 2, 2009