System 902A/B "Tucha"
Smoke grenade launchers

1/35 #MP 3544, 3544-1
Reviews by Terry Ashley

These two sets contain twelve pieces each with finely turned metal smoke granade launchers which feature nicely rendered contours on the launchers with a small 'pin' on the base allowing precise location of the target kit.

Set #3544 has the launchers with end caps with the correct details while set #3544-1 has the launchers without end caps and are hollowed out for the full depth of the launcher to add good definition.

Set #3544 with end caps
Set #3544-1 without end caps

The launchers can be used on any modern Russian AFV or APC and are a quick and easy update that will add considerable detail definition to the kits. The launchers without end caps will allow some nice animation to be added to vehicles on active service.

Highly recommended.

Thanks to Dmitriy from Model Point US for the review sample.

Page Created 23 May 2004

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