Dora Railway Gun Decals
Bubi Decal 1:35 Set No. 55012L

Review by Terry Ashley


The largest 1:35 scale kit produced to date by Soar Art Workshop of the massive WWII German DORA Railway siege gun was quite an impressive kit but not without some problems for those tackling the kit and now Nordland Models of the Czech Republic have releasing this equally massive water slide decal sheet under their line "Bubi Decals", that provides all the stenciling data found on the railway trucks and gun assemblies to fully dress up the kit.

The Decal:

The set has two decal sheets, one A4 sized sheet and another smaller A5 sized sheet plus a two sided colour painting guide, which is fairly easy being Panzer Gray overall and an 8 page A4 sized instruction sheet showing precisely where all the stenciling and data blocks go to remove any guess work.

Quality of the decal sheet printed by Tally Ho is very good with cleanly reproduced stencils that are legible right down to those about 0.7mm in height, there is some smaller writing and some data blocks where the writing is illegible but mostly it can be read.

The carrier film is very thin and cropped close to the printed image to help reduce silvering during application but as there is a lot of text stenciling you would be best advised to use a good decal setting solution and follow the usual rules for applying decals (gloss paint etc.) to eliminate any silvering that would deter from the overall appearance.

Included on the sheets are the larger manufacturers logos on the rail trucks and gun mounting and other geometric symbols found on the trucks to the hundreds of smaller data blocks and plain text stenciling.

Applying all the stencil data could take as long as building the kit given the amount of items provided on the sheet and as mentioned there is the 8 page instruction sheet in Czech and English notes with plan view drawings of all the rail trucks and gun platform sections as well as the gun with the decal placement clearly shown and decal celled out by number which makes putting the decals in the right place virtually trouble free.

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This huge decal sheet from Nordland Models for the Dora Railway Gun kit is well printed with thin carrier film and has an extensive array of stenciling and data panels to add the finishing touch to kit and should be welcomed by those with the kit.

Highly recommended 8/10


Thanks to Nordland Models for the review set:

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