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Wheels set for Pz.Kpfw.35(t)
Škoda LT vz.35 and variants

Passion Models 1:35th Scale Set P351-001

Review by Terry Ashley

The kit:
Tamiya Tamiya recently released a “new” kit of the Pz.Kpfw.35(t) which was actually a rebox of the short run CMK kit with the addition of a Tamiya sprue with some extra jerry cans, storage boxes and retooled ZB vz.34 37mm MGs.

Given its lineage and age the kit is really not up today’s standards with some heavy moulding and detail as well as sizable pins marks and some parts fit that needs a bit of TLC.  One area that is a little short on detail is the suspension bogies with very basic detail on the bogie arms as well as a couple of sizable pin marks on the outer arms along with road wheels and return rollers that lack accurate detail on the hubs.

To address this Passion Models of Japan have released this set of replacement wheels for the Škoda LT vz.35 series of vehicles which consists of 90 parts in light beige plastic on 9 sprues with the standard of moulding being very good without any flash or other blemishes and just the sprue attachment burs to contend with.

The kit consists of 744 parts in light grey plastic although 270 are indicated as not used with this kit, 9 in clear plastic (8 not used), three frets of etched parts, a bag of individual track links and of course the instruction sheet and a small decal sheet.

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Passion Models

One thing to note is the plastic used is quite hard and this does require a bit more effort when cleaning up the attachment bur than with the softer plastic we are used to in most mainstream plastic kits, especially on the small return rollers and inner wheel hubs.

The detail on the road wheels hubs is well done and matches that shown in the Wings & Wheels Pz.Kpfw.35(t) book far better than the basic detail on the kit wheels.

Road Wheel detail and inner hub detail with the kit wheel for comparison
Passion ModelsPassion Models
Retuen roller details with the kit rollers for comparison
Passion Models

Each road wheel has detail on the inner face along with a separate inner hub with pin and corresponding locating hole to join each set of road wheels together, this inner detail is completely hidden when the road wheel pairs are assembled and it’s a case of you know it’s there.

After making up the pairs of road wheels you simply replace the kit wheels while assembling the suspension bogies as per kit instructions without any alterations to the kit parts required for a quick and easy update.

The return rollers again have better defined hub detail as well as actually having the rubber tyre section that is all but missing from the kit return rollers and these simply replace the kit return rollers without any modifications needed.

Images of the replacement wheels on the Tamiya kit with the kit wheels for comparison.
Passion ModelsPassion Models

This is a nicely detailed set of wheel from Passion Models for the Škoda LT vz.35 series of vehicles that doesn’t require any modifications to the target kit during assembly to provide a marked improvement in detail over the kit wheels.

The only thing to watch is the harder plastic used which needs a little more time and care during clean-up but other than that it’s all easy going.

Rating 9/10

Pz.Kpfw.35(t) in detail
Wings & Wheels Publications R 062
ISBN 978-80-86416-77-9
Thanks to M.S Models ltd for the review kit.

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