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Leopard 2 Engine and Compartment

Set #082004
for Tamiya Leopard 2 Kits
Preview by Terry Ashley

Perfect Scale Modellbau
Tamiya Tamiya
Perfect Scale Modellbau has released this comprehensive engine and compartment set designed for the Tamiya Leopard 2 kits (#35242 and #35271) comprising of 123 parts in light grey resin plus three different lengths of thin wire and twelve page instruction sheet.

The quality of the resin parts is overall very good with some minor air holes and some warping of the parts but nothing that can’t be dealt with easily. Just a word on the resin used, this is softer and more flexible than often found in resin sets and while it is hard enough to hold good details it is also flexible when it comes to the thinner parts such as the engine plumping and this results in less breakage of these fine parts so overall the use of this resin is a benefit to the final package.

Some of the warpage in larger thin parts is due to this resin but is easy to fix with a dip in hot water (not boiling) and again is no real issue and the parts have the usual casting blocks to be removed and due to the finesse of the parts there is a bit of excess resin film to also be removed but nothing excessive and a dip in warm soapy water would also help to remove any excess mould release agent.

The details on the parts is extremely fine and with excellent definition, the blades on the large engine fans are a good example of this and care is needed when handling and painting so as not to damage this fine detail.

The larger engine and transmission parts have locating lugs and corresponding location holes for precise location of the main parts and this helps get the entire engine/transmission pack lined up correctly to make things easy.

There are many smaller components to add to the main assemblies again all with well defined details and the final power pack is very comprehensive in its details and looks very convincing.

The additional resin plumbing and the thin wire provided adds greatly to the final appearance as does the texture included on the parts such as the large exhaust pipes with their fire proof covering and the fine mesh detail on the engine radiators.

The engine compartment requires some surgery on the Tamiya parts by removing the engine deck from the top hull (Tamiya part B1) to be replaced with the new resin engine deck, this is cast a little thick but if you are displaying separate from the vehicle as most likely then this is not an issue.

Some minor alterations are also needed for the inside of the Tamiya lower hull but these are quite straightforward and explained in the instructions with these alterations obviously done before assembly is started.

The twelve page instruction sheet has step by step illustrations and notes on the assembly with some of the illustrations in plan view with others in perspective view and will require careful study to understand the construction as the plan view drawings aren’t as clear as the perspective views in some places but do show the correct line up of the parts such as the engine compartment walls and top panel so overall the use of both views will get the final result but as mentioned study the sequences carefully before assembly for the best results.

This is a very comprehensive and detailed engine and compartment for the Tamiya Leopard 2s but is not for the inexperienced builder and some experience in using resin sets will also be helpful.

The end result is very impressive as can be seen from the photos for a very busy and detailed assembly that will look equally impressive in the engine bay or out of the vehicle which will also allow the detailed engine bay detail to be seen.

Highly recommended for experienced modellers.

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Perfect Scale ModellbauPerfect Scale ModellbauPerfect Scale Modellbau

Thanks to Perfect Scale Modellbau for the preview sample.


Concord Publications Co.
Mini Color Series No 7501
ISBN 962-361-637-6
Leopard 2
Main Battle Tank 1979-1998

Osprey New Vanguard #24
ISBN 1 85532 691 4

See the Perfect Scale Modellbau website for full details and addtional images of the assembled engine and compartment.

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