Clear lenses
Resicast 1:35 Sets
Review by Terry Ashley

Painting realistic light lenses on vehicles has always been a problem with different solutions tried over the years and Resicast now offers ten sets of clear lenses and seven sets of red lenses of different sizes to make the job easier.

Each set has twelve water droplet style lenses attached to a sticky base sheet so they don’t get away before use and while not self adhesive once removed from the backing are easy to glue in place with a few small dabs of white glue.

About the only negative is the lenses don’t have the glass section lines characteristic of head light lenses of the era and there were a few very small air bubbles in some lenses but these would be very hard to see once attached to a model unless you carry around a magnifying glass.

The sizes cater for just about any situation and could be used on other lights as well as on most vehicle head and tail lights to add a bit of realism in the finish with the red light having a translucent appearance to them.

The sizes and set numbers available are:
Silver lenses
35.242 1mm
35.243 1.5mm
35.244 2mm
35.245 2.5mm
35.246 3mm
35.247 3.5mm
35.248 4mm
35.249 4.5mm
35.250 5mm
35.251 5mm with silver rim

Red lenses
35.252 1mm
35.253 1.5mm
35.254 2mm
35.255 2.5mm
35.256 3mm
35.257 3.5mm
35.258 4mm

A simple update for any vehicle with the silver backing reflecting the surrounding colours just like the real lights and will come in vary handy when building any vehicle type.


2.5mm, 3.5mm and 4.5mm lenses
3.5mm Lenses added to Tamiya Jeep.

The set is available direct from Resicast in Belgium, website or email for details of stockists. Thanks to Graham from Resicast for the review sets.

Page created 8 August 2005

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