Leopard 2A6
1/35 Scale - Kit No.35271
First Look Review by Terry Ashley

The Kit:
TamiyaThis “new” kit from Tamiya is basically a re-release of their earlier Leopard 2A5 (kit No.35242) plus the addition of a new sprue D with the longer L/55 120mm smooth bore gun, two three quarter crew figures, a couple of sign posts, new decal sheet and a small clear sprue E with head and tail lights.

As all the original parts are still in the kit it is possible to build either a Leopard 2A5 or 2A6 although the instructions only mention the 2A6 with the longer L/55 calibre barrel and the decal sheet only provides markings for the 2A6.

To briefly recount the kit contents there is approx. 257 parts in olive drab plastic, 9 parts in clear plastic, two small sheets of mesh, the polycaps for the wheels and a length of twine for the tow rope as well as the decal and instruction sheets.

The parts have the usual Tamiya quality in the mouldings with the lower hull having separate axles and suspension parts so you can articulate the running gear if desired with the upper hull having the non skid panels included as well as numerous smaller details and driver’s hatch that can be positioned open or closed.

The turret again has excellent details with the separate folding side panels, separate hatches, smoke dispensers on either side and numerous other details with probably the poorest part of the kit being the standard Tamiya mesh for the rear turret bins.

The new parts in the kit are the L/55 120mm Smooth Bore gun split in the usual two halves plus two three quarter crew figures wearing the standard German tank crew overalls plus a couple of road signs as well as the turret top safety strobe light with clear plastic “light”.
Also included are new clear plastic lenses for the head lights, rear tail light clusters and smaller tail lights that simply replace the OD plastic parts of the first kit to add a bit more detail definition.

The continuous length vinyl tracks are again the same as the first kit and have good details on both sides for vinyl tracks and look quite good on the kit.


The decals are new for this kit but have the usual thick carrier film with a selection of vehicle and divisional markings with number plates and tac markings for four vehicles plus a couple of road signs and roadside warning sign. The four vehicles featured are:


The instructions have five view plans showing the NATO cam scheme carried by the Leopard 2A6 as well as the placement of the decals and Tamiya paint numbers are given for the three colours used for the cam.
There are also front and rear views of the figures showing the typical camouflage pattern on the overalls, again with Tamiya paint numbers given.

Tamiya have also released a small etched set (No.35272) for this kit which consists of the mesh for the turret storage bins but if you want to add more details to the kit there is the excellent Voyager Leopard 2A5 PE Update set released recently which is also applicable to this kit and is very comprehensive.
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Another good quality kit from Tamiya that isn’t exactly new but provides the latest operational version of the Leopard 2 which is sure to be welcomed by Modern Armour fans.

There are quite a few reference books on the Leopard 2A5 such as Concord's 7501 Leopard 2/2A5 and Osprey New Vanguard 24 but to date not a lot on the Leopard 2A6. As the 2A6 is basically the same as the 2A5 except with the longer calibre gun these books could still be useful for general reference. has an excellent walkaround on the Leopard 2A6 which will be more than useful.

Kit courtesy of my Credit Card and the excellent service from Rainbow Ten.

Page created 3 March 2003

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