Tank Workshop
Studebaker US6 Wheel Set
Tank Workshop 1:35 Set #TWS 0060
Review by Terry Ashley

The Set:
The main issue with the recent ICM kit of the Studebaker US6 (kit#35511) is the wheels which have the tread pattern even and not offset like it should be. Tank Workshop have now released this set of resin replacement wheels with the offset tread pattern to the wheels for a quick replacement for the kit wheels.

The set consists of 11 wheels in light gray resin for the 10 main wheels and one spare which is also what you get in the ICM kit.

The resin wheels are based on the ICM kit wheels with just the tread pattern corrected and this appears to have been done but cutting the wheels in half and repositioning with the tread pattern offset. This does result in one side of the tread not being as deep as the other and the middle section a little wider but this may not be that noticeable when the wheels are all on model?

Resin wheels
Tank Workshop

Resin casting is good overall with the detail such as the rim bolts and contours as well as the sidewall "Firestone" embossing all replicated cleanly but there is quite a bit of cleanup needed on the wheels. While there is just a small round casting plug there is a bit of mould overlap either side of the pour plug that will have to be carefully smoothed out.

There is also resin film inside all the rim lightening hole cutouts that will also need careful removal making for a fair bit of cleanup on each wheel but the end result after this is a nice representation of the wheels with offset tread pattern.

Image showing the typical clean-up required on the wheels
and comparison with the ICM kit wheels (rear duel rims)

Tank Workshop

As the wheels have the same rear sections as the kit wheels, fitting them to your Studebaker is just the same as the kit wheels without any further alterations required, making for a quick update after all the clean-up.

Resin wheels ready for fitting the the ICM kit
Tank Workshop
This is a fairly quick wheel update the ICM Studebaker but there is a fair bit of clean-up needed on the wheels and tread pattern which while offset correctly is a little uneven due to the process of altering the kit wheels.

But once on the model they should improve the look of the wheels with just the valve stem to be added from thin wire.

Highly recommended 7/10

Studebaker US6 in detail
Special Museum Line No.23
Wings & Wheels Publications
ISBN: 80-86416-19-4
Studebaker US6
Model Detail Photo Monograph No.17
Published by Rossagraph
ISBN: 83-89717-15-8

Thanks to Jay from Tank Workshop for the review set.

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