German Pz.Kpfw.II Ausf.L “Luchs”
(4.Pz.Div. Version)

1:35 Scale - Kit No.35006
First Look Review by Terry Ashley

TascaFor those who weren’t fortunate enough to pick up the initial “Luchs” from Tasca we now have this second kit of the later version as used by the 4.Pz.Div. to satisfy any feelings of deprivation.

The basic kit is the same as the first kit (35001) with the same excellent level of detail, finesse and crispness on parts the equal of and in some cases better than we see in the recent kits from Tamiya, Dragon, Tristar etc.

The lower hull with separate bottom plate, side, front and rear plates has all separate suspension parts and axles with full hull width torsion bars included while the road wheels have the subtle contours reproduced precisely.
The detail on the drive sprocket and idler wheels is equally well done with small poly caps trapped between the two halves to attach to the axle stubs.

The upper hull is quite ingenious in the part breakdown to capture the many fine features without compromise with one part having the two side fenders and glacis with separate superstructure and rear engine deck (with etched intake screens) with all the detail features such as crew hatches, vision ports and visors and storage boxes as separate parts for excellent detail definition.

The turret has all separate side, front, rear and top panels that fit together precisely with an interior that sees nicely moulded breeches for the 20mm cannon and co-ax MG plus the crew seats to show off if you leave open the separate top and rear turret hatches.

The detail is highlighted by the small separate lifting ‘hooks’ for the corners of the superstructure, hull and turret, the fine separate tool clips for the jack and separate Jerry Can racks down to a couple of exquisite wing nuts on the rear towing pintle. The base for the head lights are also separate with the correct step in the mounting which really does show the attention to detail in the kit.

About the only parts of the kit that need attention are the moulded on pioneer tool clips that could well be replaced with etched items and the vinyl tracks that while having nice details will look better with replacement individual link track.

I could go on describing the details in this kit but is really is an endless task such is the quality of the parts and I can best refer you to the excellent build review of the kit by Marcus Nicholls in Tamiya Modelling Magazine Issue 104.

New Parts:
The parts included for the new 4.Pz.Div. version is a new sprue (D) which has the additional spaced armour fitted to the hull front and the “toast racks” above the driver’s visors which held replacement segments for the six piece idler wheels and Tasca give you some empty and some full racks for variety as is often seen plus the front mud guard fender extensions.

The turret mounted smoke canisters are provided with separate mounting plate and there are actually eight canisters included with two empty cases included for a bit of variety.

Of note are the two new wooden storage boxes which actually have the dovetail joins included on the parts for another example of attention to detail.
There are also a couple of well detailed 20mm ammo boxes and additional Jerry Can mounting brackets for the rear fenders and finally there is a sprue for Tasca’s Jerry Can set with four Jerry Cans which have an etched part trapped between the two outer halves to form the typical join seam as well as separate filler cap and embossed data for some of the best Jerry Cans you will see today.

A new decal sheet is provided with markings for seven 4.Pz.Div vehicles, the printing quality is excellent with thin carrier film cropped close to the printed image.

Tasca Tasca

A new tank Commander figure is included wearing the typical late war tankers overalls with very nice uniform and facial detail on the separate head along with the equally well detailed crew figure from the first kit for a well populated turret.

The instructions include the same 35001 sheet with a new sheet showing the new parts for kit 35006 as well as the new painting guide, there are some additional locating holes to be opened up for the new parts and as the instructions are only in Japanese you need to carefully study them before committing the knife.

Sprue Images
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Another superb kit that actually allows you to build the version from kit 35001 or the 4.Pz.Div. version from kit 35006 with the only thing not included being the decal sheet from the first kit. As mentioned the quality and detail in this kit is sensational and could well appeal to any modeller who is a sucker for a good kit as well as German armour fans.


Museum Ordnance Special Number 22
"LUCHS" Panzerspaehwagen II (2cm)

By Thomas Jentz

Published by;
Darlingtion Productions, Inc.
P.O.Box 5884
Darlington, Maryland 21034


on the Eastern Front (1) 1941-1943

Armour at War Series 7025
By Robert Michulec
Concord Publications
ISBN 962-361-648-1

Has a few pages of semi-close-up photos of 4.Pz.Div. "Luchs" as depicted in the Tasca kit 35006


on the Eastern Front (2) 1944

Armour at War Series 7026
By Robert Michulec
Concord Publications
ISBN 962-361-649-X

Has a few pages of semi-close-up photos of 4.Pz.Div. "Luchs" as depicted in the Tasca kit 35006

Kit courtesy of my Credit Card and the excellent service from Rainbow Ten.

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