Soviet Armoured Aerosan RF-8/GAZ-98
Trumpeter 1:35 Scale Kit #02322

Detail images
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Comparison images illustrating many of the detail issues between the Trumpeter and Vision Models RF-8 kits.
Note all details are depicted correctly or better defined on the Vision Models kit.
Note; the many small hull rivets have already been shaved off both kits.
1. raised panel oversized on Trumpeter kit. 2. Exhaust hole and pipe missing from Trumpeter kit. 3. Latch detail missing from Trumpeter kit.
4. Side radiator junction box missing and underside curved section too deep on Trumpeter kit.
5. Thicker outer cuff missing from Trumpeter kit. 6. Ski brake assembly missing from Trumpeter kit.
7. Suspension hull brackets oversized on Trumpeter kit. 8. Rivets on hull side under the windscreen missing from Trumpeter kit.
9. Corners of the crew compartments square not rounded on Trumpeter kit. 10. Welds missing from Trumpeter ski mountings.
11. Better defined suspension springs on the Vision Models kit. 12. Side tie down cleats missing from Trumpeter kit.
13. Edges of hull extensions too thin on Trumpeter kit. 14. poor cushion detail on Trumpeter kit.

TrumpeterVision Models
Overall views of assembled kit, note the hull rivets have been removed as per text.
Note the missing group of five rivets under the windscreen with all other hull rivets removed
Hull front with machine gun ring and DT Machine Gun


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