Voyager Models
sFH-18 150mm Howitzer
Voyager Model 1:35 Set # PE 35207
(for Dragon kit #6392)
Review by Terry Ashley

The Set:
Dragon This update set from Voyager Models is designed for the Dragon sFH-18 150mm Howitzer w/Limber (kit #6392) and consists of 2 large and 4 smaller etched frets, 2 brass 150mm HE rounds, 2 brass charge cases, 4 resin parts and lengths of 0.5mm and 1mm plastic rod, a length of 0.3mm steel wire and metal chain plus the new style elongated instruction sheet.

The quality of the etching is again first class with clean well defined detail that includes embossed detail and the usual engraved bending lines where required, but care is needed with some of the smaller parts during handling to avoid damage. The brass parts are also cleanly machined without any blemishes and the resin parts very small casting blocks to be removed.

Due to the quality of the Dragon kit to start with most of the parts in the set are for the smaller detail items on the kit with the largest part being the limber which has basically the whole chassis frame and spade extensions replaced with etched parts.

Additional parts
Voyager Models
Voyager Models

Updates for the 150mm Howitzer consist of the smaller details and brackets on the carriage as well as the firing chart frame and chart itself as well as the main sight linkages with the minor updates mainly replacing or adding too the kit parts.

For the carriage all the wheel brake linkages are replaced with etched parts to enhance the scale definition of these parts with the linkages joined by sections of the plastic rod provided and care will be needed when assembling the linkages.

Moving to the trail arms you have to firstly cut off some of the small moulded on plastic brackets, grab handles and mounting plates for the replacement etched parts.

These include all the tool and equipment brackets, the side foot plates with nice tread plate pattern included as well as the two square storage boxes on each arm also replaced with etched parts with separate lids that can be shown open if you wish.

As mentioned the main update is for the travel limber which sees the entire lower chassis frame replaced with etched parts that will require careful bending and soldering this together would be the best option for strength as this frame supports the remainder of the limber parts.

The central mounted storage box is also entirely replaced with etched parts with additional small lid clips as well as all the smaller detail on the large Y towing frame (Dragon kit part E20). This does require you to remove the moulded on detail from the kit part before hand but nothing too taxing with the details replaced with the etched parts and wire provided.

The two large perforated plates that are stowed on the limber during transport and attached to the trail arm spades during firing are also completely replaced with etched and resin parts for greater detail definition and fidelity than is possible with injected plastic no matter how finely moulded.

The length of chain is used to attach the limber to the trails during transit and add further fine detail while the two 150mm brass rounds and charge cases are from the set PEA114 Ammunition for Hummel/sFH18 Howitzer which can be purchased separately if you want additional ammo for a diorama setting.

These are now standard long foldout strips about 75cm long and 10cm high which when folded up fit neatly into the standard Voyager cardboard box these sets come in. There are two strips for this set with printing on both sides that are the usual exploded view drawings of the assembly sequences and I found these easy to follow in most cases.

As usual you should study the instructions carefully before assembly to avoid any traps and overall the instruction trips seemed to take up less space on the desk than the older style full page instructions leaving plenty of room to work.

This set could best be described as a basic detail set as it provides just the more obvious updates for the various brackets, tool clips and other small to add some nice definition to the already well done Dragon kit. The extensive detailing of the limber will again add considerable detail to that assembly for use either in travel or firing modes.

Recommended 7.5/10

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Etched Parts
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Instruction sheet in .pdf format

Voyager Models


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Hummel Sd.Kfz.165
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GALILEO Publishing Co.,Ltd.

Thanks to Voyager Model for the review set.

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