WW2 Productions
M26 Pershing T81 Track
1/35 Set No. 35007
Review by Terry Ashley

This set of tracks from WWII Productions represents the T81 24” single pin tracks for WWII M26 Pershings. They are designed for the Tamiya M26 Pershing kit (35254) only and will not fit the Dragon M26 kits due to the drive sprockets on these kits being wider with slightly different tooth pitch than the Tamiya drive sprockets.

The Track Links:
The track links themselves are cast in a light grey resin and have excellent details including open guide teeth, although there is some minor moulding seam lines along one edge and thin film ‘flash’ to be removed from the drive sprocket tooth holes and open track guide on each link. This is easily done with a sharp X-ACTO #11 blade. There was also some small air bubble holes in a few links, some may require a dab of filler while others wouldn’t be noticeable. Each track is made up of 80 links per side and as you are provided with 180 links so there is plenty of extra links.

As with previous WWII Productions track sets the best bit is the easy snap together construction, each link having a large and small pin moulded on which slip into corresponding indentations in the next link. By positioning the larger pin and then clipping the smaller pin into place you will quickly have the lengths together.

The Resin Bits
WW2 Productions
WW2 Productions
WW2 Productions
Assembled tracks around sprocket

The Instructions:
A double sided A4 page is included which includes general instructions as well as specific instructions for assembling the links.

Overall the track links have excellent details and look superb when fitted together, the details on the track pin ends and open guide teeth in particular leave the kit tracks way behind. The track allows a natural sit around the drive sprockets and idlers but remember that US tracks are “live” and don’t sag like German and Russian “dead” track does.


Page Created 12 February 2003

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