Ground Power Magazine #50 7/1998
Published by Delta Publishing Co.Ltd. Japan

This issue has 3 large photo essays on the PanzerJager Elefant, the M10 GMC and AchillesIIC and the German 10cm K18, 15cm sFH18, 21cm Mrs18 Howitzers.
47 pages are devoted to the M10 with some excellent interior shots of the turret and fighting compartment. 1/35th plans of the AchillesIIC are also included.
As well as the good interior shots there are many great war time photos of the M10 and Achilles in action. These photos are great for seeing how the vehicles were loaded up and actually looked in action. Quite a few of these shots are taken at close range and show to good advantage the features of the vehicles.
All text is in Japanese apart from a few headings, but the pictures speak for themselves.

An excellent reference source for all three subjects.

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